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IT’S SCIENCE: Official Government Sources Give Climate Alarmists Some BAD News

If you’ve been listening to Biden, AOC, or various Democrat Governors and Members of Congress, you will have heard scolding lectures about how dangerously bad the climate is. But does the science back them up?

According to this press release from a group whose job it is to track such issues, the science has NOT backed them up. But don’t expect them to suddenly start ‘believing the science’.

After all, they’re heavily invested in this whole ‘Green New Deal fiasco.

Here’s the press release they will gladly look for ways to discredit:

A new paper published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation shows that U.S. climate has been changing very gradually, and mostly in a benign way.

The paper, by British climate writer Paul Homewood, examines official US weather sources and finds almost nothing to justify alarm.

“The temperature has risen a little”, says Homewood, “but temperature extremes are still a long way off the levels seen in the 1930s. And there has been a reduction in cold spells and climate-related deaths, so in many ways, the US climate has become less extreme compared to previous ages.”

It is the same story for rainfall. There has been an increase overall, but the wettest year on record was nearly 50 years ago. Droughts were mostly far worse in the 1930s.

“It’s hard to find anything in the records of recent weather in the US that should give anyone any cause for alarm” says Homewood.

“It’s mostly rather reassuring. From heat to cold to storms and tornadoes, there is no trend that is out of the ordinary.”

Homewood’s paper, entitled The US Climate in 2019, can be downloaded here (pdf)

The writer is British, but his government sources are American.

Even better is the name of the foundation who is telling us there is — literally — no reason to be alarmed.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation

Leftists are going to try and tell us that there is no credibility in a think-tank who was literally founded to drive policy concerned about Global Warming concerns?

Their data just blew those scolding speeches we got from Biden, Cuomo, AOC and Newsom straight to hell.

It won’t make them happy. Not one little bit.


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