GUTLESS: Joe Biden Finally Takes Some ‘Questions’ … From Bootlicking Journos (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 5, 2020

How fragile must they think their Walking Dead candidate is if they are lobbing softballs like this at him?

Trump takes dozens of questions almost every day — many of them outrageously hostile, leading, or outright defamatory. But he runs that gauntlet every day because he’s man enough to take it.

Are these ‘what is your favorite color’ level questions an admission that with their guy, America is being served a turd sandwich? Sure looks that way.

After a speech more dishonest than Hillary’s assessment of 2016, and more orchestrated than one of Pelosi’s bowel movements, he took ‘questions’ from the press. We’ll spare you the misery of his speech (unless you’re a masochist, in which case you can go back to the beginning) and cut straight to the fawning bootlicking he got from supposedly ‘professional’ journalists.

Here are the questions he was asked:

27:46 — Last night President Trump mocked you for wearing a mask and said that this is a sign that you must have some ‘big issues’. He says this even though he knows that according to scientists and health officials wearing masks saves lives. I wonder if you worry that this kind of language that comes from the President of the United States could deter some Americans that are tuning into him to not wear masks.

28:57 — Have you been tested for Covid-19? How many times?

29:11 — Attorney General William Barr said on CNN this week his assessment right now is that China poses the greatest threat to US elections, even more than Iran or Russia. Do you believe him? Is that your understanding based on the intelligence briefings you have received?

31:13 — Sir, it’s been a couple of weeks now since you announced Senator Harris as your running mate and we haven’t seen her out much, including yesterday in Kenosha. Why is that and what role do you see her playing in this?

32:01 — Do you know when you will have another COVID test? Do you have any plan, any future testing coming up?

32:26 — Do you know when it will be, the next one?

32:40 — Let me ask you about another thing Trump said last night. He once again suggested to his supporters that they should consider voting twice if they’re in one of those states that can allow you to request an absentee ballot, fill that out, and go try voting again in person. State officials have said it’s a felony in some cases. I’m curious what you make of it.

34:25 — You said today is the angriest you’ve been as a presidential candidate. But you said you’re trying to restrain yourself. There are a lot of people out there who are supporting you or are inclined to not vote for the president who would say ‘why is Joe Biden not angrier about this?’

37:17 — If I could follow up on Ed’s question about voting, we know the President has been attacking mail-in voting, even now suggesting his supporters vote twice, that Russia has been trying to sow doubt about the system. Are you concerned at all that this messaging might be working, that your supporters may give up on voting by mail because they’re concerned it may be rigged?

39:31 — Going back to the jobless report, from this morning, you had acknowledged that less than half of the 22 million jobs that were lost this spring because of the pandemic have been recovered. What do you think of the 1.4 million added back in August says about just the general direction of the economy?

Another question at 42:52 referenced the newly-struck deal between Serbia and Kosovo, and the improved relations between Kosovo and Israel as a result and showed concern for the lack of leverage Palestinians will potentially have with Israel as a result.

44:31 — In general, do you support more countries recognizing Israel?

Some fitting observations.:

The outright lies these flunkies are willing to tell so that they don’t accidentally score a hit on Joe’s glass jaw are staggering.

The ones they tell about voting, COVID, or that unsourced Atlantic hit piece are great examples. Joe looks almost transparent by comparison to their corruption.

It’s too bad there aren’t any probing questions they can throw at Joe. Questions like:

– There is an unanswered question about connections between you, Ukraine and Burisma. Did you make corrupt use of your political influence for personal reasons?
– How can you assure us that the Billion-dollar business deal China gave Hunter wasn’t a flagrant attempt to buy you? Are you for sale?
– If you are not a Trojan Horse, why does your policy platform look like it was written by Bernie Sanders or the Democratic Socialists?
– Why do you insist on lying about ‘very fine people’ when the transcript disproves your allegation?
– Which Joe Biden should we believe — the one who likes fracking, or the one who will get rid of it?

Here’s what they got wrong on those questions designed to sandbag Trump:

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