‘Occupy Wall St.’ Peeps Are Pushing ’50-Day White House Siege’ — What Could Go Wrong?

Written by Wes Walker on September 5, 2020

Don’t worry, though. They assure us their ‘siege’ is going to be ‘peaceful’.


These guys have such a wonderful history of being ‘peaceful’ and ‘law-abiding’, don’t they?

As we recall, one of the ‘highlights’ of that ‘movement’ was outrageously NOT peaceful their protesters were known to be.

OWS organizers themselves described a ‘culture of violence’ in their midst. Funny how that was never an issue at Tea Party demonstrations. What’s that old saw about ‘the company you keep’?

Don’t take our word for it:

A rash of reports of sexual assaults at Occupy Wall Street protests across the country has both police and activists raising red flags.

Nearly a half-dozen assaults have been reported at Occupy camps, including three at the New York City protests, which have prompted protesters to set up a “women only” tent in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to provide a safe haven.

“The concern would be the rapes and attacks that aren’t reported,” said Sgt. Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, a police union in New York City. “We have no way of really knowing. If you have three or five crimes reported, you really don’t know if it’s eight or 10 that happened.”

…Organizers for Occupy Wall Street did not return messages seeking comment, but they released a lengthy statement addressed to the participants.

“As individuals and as a community, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to create an alternative to this culture of violence,” the statement reads. “We are working for an OWS and a world in which survivors are respected and supported unconditionally… We are redoubling our efforts to raise awareness about sexual violence. This includes taking preventative measures such as encouraging healthy relationship dynamics and consent practices that can help to limit harm.”

The incidents of sex crimes, reports of petty theft, assaults and general outbursts of violence have sprung up not only around Wall Street, but in Occupy camps across the country. FoxNews, 2011

These same people want to create a disturbance, a riot, a 50-day ‘siege’ in La Fayette Square, right next to the White House.

What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

Adbusters, the group organizing the 50-day White House Siege, was also the group that helped start the Occupy Wall Street movement. NPR reported in 2011 that early Occupy protests seemed to be connected to Adbusters, a Vancouver, British Columbia magazine that had an anti-consumerism slant. The group proposed a September 17 “Wall Street” occupation that seemed to kick-off the movement.

And we have Canada to thank for that mess? Doesn’t that qualify as ‘foreign election interference’? We’re old enough to remember back to when that used to be seen as a very bad thing.

Just peachy.

That last ‘party’ the hellions threw at LaFayette Park went over so well, didn’t it?

And how about the ‘pleasantries’ their side shared with Republicans leaving the White on the last night of the RNC? That went ‘swimmingly’, didn’t it?

The best bet will be for authorities to track down where this funding is coming from, and freeze the money.

When these little monsters realize they’re being stupid for free, they’ll probably lose interest in a hurry.