Hey Biden: Are You Man Enough To Accept Joe Rogan’s Debate With POTUS?

Written by Wes Walker on September 14, 2020

Trump wasted no time at all in agreeing to this showdown. But could Joe Biden even stay awake the whole time?

Big news broke on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Rogan, who’s far more respected by people on both sides than anyone on TV today is opening his #1 podcast up for THE DEBATE.

The simplest of all possible formats: Rogan, and the two candidates in the room.

Nobody else present.

Live-streamed so that it can’t be edited or fixed in post-production.

And it goes on for (or was it four?) hours.

If anyone could get them to bring their guard down and get past the focus group talking points, Rogan could.

The debate was proposed last night, and first thing this morning, Trump jumped on the opportunity.

Here he is proposing the debate.

Rogan really wants to see more of Biden because, well, we’re not getting beyond party scripts and we don’t really know all that much about Biden or any of his actual policy plans.

A candid interview format debate over a long stretch of time would get us past all the rope-a-doping and deflection.

Why would it be a bad play for Biden to run away from this opportunity?

For one, it makes him look like a coward, unwilling and unable to face Trump or anyone other than the flunkie press that run all those pre-chewed questions he embarrassed us all with in that fawning interview after the Atlantic hit piece. GUTLESS: Joe Biden Finally Takes Some ‘Questions’ … From Bootlicking Journos (VIDEO)

For another, Rogan is perceived by both sides as relatively impartial. Far more so than the in-the-tank journos locked in their blue bubble are.

Has he expressed doubts and concerns about Biden’s mental state? Well sure, after all, he’s seen the same gaffes we have.

But he’s also offering Biden the perfect forum to put those concerns to rest.

(If he’s got the guts to show up.)

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