PSYCHO: Chick Who Sawed Off Own Hand In Insurance Fraud Scam Headed For Jail

Written by Wes Walker on September 14, 2020

There are losers in this world, and then there are people like this chick.

You’ve heard of ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’? Well this goes one better.

Or maybe that’s one ‘worse’.

Here’s what happened.

A Slovenian woman has been found guilty of deliberately sawing off her own hand as part of an insurance scam.
A court in the capital Ljubljana found that Julija Adlesic, 22, had taken out five insurance policies in the year before her injury. She had claimed it happened as she cut branches. —BBC

She’s facing two years in prison. Her boyfriend is facing three. Together they were trying to scam for about $1.2 Million dollars worth of insurance payouts.

The severed hand — cut off above the wrist and conveniently left behind at the scene — was discovered quickly enough to be salvaged and reattached. The injury would have qualified as a permanent disability if it had not been reattached.

Prosecutors said the woman’s boyfriend had also made internet searches about artificial hands in the days beforehand.
Prosecutors said this was proof that the injury was intentional.
Adlesic’s boyfriend’s father was also given a one-year suspended sentence. —BBC

Hard to say which of them is the biggest loser, the chick who cuts her own hand off, or the ‘boyfriend’ who let her go through with it.

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