KILLING CAMELOT: Primary Win Signals Dems Are Now No Longer The Kennedys’ Party

Written by Wes Walker on September 2, 2020

Pelosi backs the loser. Co-sponsor of Green New Deal takes the win. And Socialism IS the new face of the Democratic Party.

It no longer matters if you believe what Trump says about the Biden Democrats becoming full-blown socialists. You can just look at the party itself.

The rank-and-file Democrats — in Massachusetts! — were given a choice between a relative ‘moderate’ from the Kennedy clan, or a someone who helped cook up the economy-killing (by design) Green New Deal.

They picked the socialist.

The relentless progressive march has now left the Kennedy Clan behind. Those Kennedys are soooo 20th Century.

Joe Kennedy III on Tuesday failed in his bid to take the Senate seat held by JFK, becoming the first member of his family to lose in Massachusetts.

The 39-year-old grandson of Robert F. Kennedy lost to incumbent Sen. Ed Markey, 74, who has been in the Senate since 2013.

Kennedy said Tuesday night that the results aren’t the ones he’d hoped for, but pledged to work for Markey’s reelection.

‘The senator is a good man. You never heard me say otherwise,’ Kennedy told supporters at an outdoor rally.

Kennedy also suggested that the movement of supporters the campaign pulled together would continue past the current election.

‘We may have lost the final vote count tonight but we built a coalition that will endure,’ he said. ‘I would this again with all of you in a heartbeat.’ — DaiyMail

It also means that Pelosi, the ‘master negotiator’ really isn’t calling the shots in her party anymore. Another faction is.

The one aligned with ‘the Squad.’ — Which is pretty much what we’ve been saying since spring of 2018 when she refused to chasten them for their Anti-Semitic statements.

If this Kennedy’s name rings a bell, and you can’t quite remember why, we can help you out with that. He was the guy Democrats called upon to give the response speech to Trump’s SOTU.

It didn’t go so well.

It wasn’t just his ‘moist’ look. The Kennedy-in-front-of-a-car image was too juicy to pass up. Social media was thick with Chappaquidick references that day.

Ed Markey beat Kennedy by some 10 points.

At a victory celebration in his hometown of Malden, Massachusetts, Markey ticked off a series of priorities, from support for the Black Lives Matter movement to a call for Medicare for All, to combating climate change, a signature issue for Markey.

‘Every other problem is linked to it. No solution to any challenge will be successful unless we address it. There will be no peace, no justice and no prosperity unless we stop the march to climate destruction,’ he said. ‘We must pass a Green New Deal.’ — DaiyMail

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