Virus Numbers Spin

Written by Bill Thomas on September 2, 2020

A couple of days ago, a tweet went out about the CDC’s report on the number of people who’ve died exclusively from COVID-19 and the left was outraged. The tweet asserted “that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had quietly updated its numbers to admit that only 6% of people listed as coronavirus deaths actually died from COVID, since “the other 94% had 2-3 other serious illnesses.”

CNN retorted, “The CDC’s latest regular update to a public statistics page on the pandemic said that for 6% of the deaths included in its statistics, ‘Covid-19 was the only cause mentioned’ on the deceased person’s death certificate.”

I’m guessing CNN thinks we, regular folks, are not that smart. They see the need to inform us, “That is not at all the same thing as saying only 6% of reported COVID-19 deaths actually died from COVID-19. It simply means that the other 94% were listed as having at least one additional factor contributing to their death.”

Right. What it means is that 94% of people who died from COVID, just over 180,000 deaths, had at least one contributing factor in addition to COVID. Then, it is also clear that  6% of those who died, died of COVID without any other factors.

The Detroit Free Press called on Dr. Myron Cohen, director of the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for an explanation of the CDC’s report.

“A small number of people have COVID ascribed as the sole cause of death. It may be they had no comorbidities (additional physical issues) or they were just not noted. However, it is also clear that advanced age and several other underlying diseases lead to bad outcomes with COVID infections. The people dying were not going to die but for the acquisition of COVID.”

Again, we in fly-over country get it. People who have underlying conditions are more susceptible to dying when they get COVID-19.

The Miami Herald states it even more clearly. “What the CDC’s update really means is that 94% of the people who died from the coronavirus had at least one other health condition, in addition to COVID-19, that could have contributed to their passing — not that the additional factor was the sole reason for it.”

I am thankful that the media is letting us know what the CDC’s update really means. We, the regular people, might not understand. We’ve known this at least since June.

“Everyone is at risk for getting COVID-19 if they are exposed to the virus. Some people are more likely than others to become severely ill, which means that they may require hospitalization, intensive care, or a ventilator to help them breathe, or they may even die. We learn more about COVID-19 every day, and as more information becomes available, CDC will continue to update and share information about risk for severe illness.”

So, why the overreaction in explaining these numbers?

I believe the left thinks Trump supporters are not very bright. They believe they can hoodwink us into thinking that everyone could die of COVID-19. The truth is that while COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus that originated in China, most people who contract it will not die. Some do and we don’t want to minimize that. It is a tragedy.

It is a tragedy that 6,629 people died in New York long term care facilities on Gov. Chris Cuomo’s (D-NY) watch. Cuomo seems to be taking some heat for his report that his policy of sending COVID-infected patients into nursing homes didn’t contribute to this number. There is no doubt, though, that what happened in New York nursing homes was awful.

Every COVID-19 death, however it happens, is a terrible loss. It is disingenuous, though, to stir fear, close schools, shutter businesses, and panic people with the idea we could all die.

As bad as that is, I believe there might be another, even more insidious reason. I think the left (media and Democrats) want a reason to curtail in-person voting. They may be sensing that the tide is turning. The Biden-Harris ticket that is pro-riot/anti-police; pro-lockdown/anti-business; and pro-abortion/anti-life is struggling in the swing states.

They hope to be able to create an environment in which there is a huge number of mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots are ripe for harvesting. I believe they see this as a way to cheat the electorate and rob us of our vote.

Axios, on September 1, 2020, ran an article suggesting that mail-in votes would heavily favor Biden, so while Trump might appear to win on election night, after mail-in votes were counted, Biden would be the winner.

Rush Limbaugh addressed this on his show. He summed up this theory nicely. “It is a wild guess based on data that is made up. They don’t know who’s gonna vote by mail and who’s not…If you’re worried about Democrat cheating, the thing to counter Democrat cheating is to show up in person on Election Day.”

As I see it, the way the Democrats and media spin COVID-19 numbers has been used to manipulate. It’s time to see it for what it is.

Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas lives in Washington, Missouri and is a professor at St. Louis Christian College. He's also on staff at First Christian Church in Washington, Missouri. He's authored two novellas, From the Ashes and The Sixty-First Minute published by White Feather Press of MI and three Bible studies, Surrounded by Grace, The Critical Questions and More and The Road to Victory published by CSS Publishing of OH.