LMAO: The McCloskeys Have A UNIQUE Way To Shut Down The BLM Harassers After Viral Video Defending Their Home

Written by K. Walker on September 23, 2020

Since they became famous as the “St. Louis gun couple” for protecting their home from BLM “mostly peaceful protesters” in June, the McCloskeys have been targeted and harassed. They have a very interesting way of dealing with it.

Who could forget Mark and Patricia McCloskeys, the couple that stood in front of their palatial St. Louis home armed as a crowed of BLM supporters broke into their gated community?

They were bashed in the press and then were charged for making it clear to a roving mob that they weren’t going to

A woman who was harassing and shouting at them as they were leaving a store to head to their Cadillac SUV got a surprise gift from Mark McCloskey.

This classless woman who shouted “abolish the suburbs” and “you’re terrorists” with a sprinkling of “F*ck you!” for good measure was handed a little memento of her encounter.

The McCloskeys have had cards printed with their photos and that’s what they appear to have been picking up when confronted by the angry woman.

A-plus on the creativity there!

I love these guys!

Mark McCloskey tweeted that he and Patricia had been confronted at a print shop just two days before the above Twitter thread was posted.

It seems that this type of harassment isn’t unusual for the McCloskeys.


Here are the McCloskeys speaking at the Republican National Convention in August:

They’re not wrong about the leftist activists that want to take over.

They’re also not wrong about the media wanting to destroy people who stand up for conservative values.

God bless ’em!

Stay rowdy, McCloskeys!

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