LOUISVILLE RIOTS: Two Police Shot In Clashes At Protests After Announcement About

Written by Wes Walker on September 24, 2020

Right on cue, BLM Activists wasted no time in leveraging the news about Breonna to start cranking up the riot machine.

They had a UHaul truck loaded up with riot gear ready to go and get handed out.

Linda Sarsour showed up ready to ‘party’.

She wasn’t alone.

Here are a number of tweets by those who were keeping us appraised of what was going on … as it happened.


Helluva night.

And now Portland is kicking things up into high gear, too. Antifa punks like to play with fire…

Will Kamala and Hollywood be pouring money out to bail these folks out now that police officers are being shot in the name of ‘peaceful protests’?