LOW BLOW JOE: Cheap Shot BS-er Claims That TRUMP Is The Unpresidential One

Written by Wes Walker on September 30, 2020

At least this time he didn’t say anything about a fistfight behind the gym. But it wasn’t much better than that.

Debates are supposed to be about ideas and records. That is NOT what Biden came here to talk about.

He came looking for an opportunity to demonize Trump, to score emotional points with the audience, and to throw incendiary lies in the President’s direction while claiming that his OPPONENT is the one responsible for political division.

Biden deliberately ‘misunderstood’ things, using those opportunities to attack Trump with deceptive and inflammatory lies.

Trump mentioned the $3.5 Million dollar check that Hunter got from the widow of a Moscow Mayor, Biden pretended that was an attack on his GOOD son, and pretended to be outraged about how Trump called the military losers (he did not) while ignoring the fact that we have Joe on video calling them ‘stupid bastards’ and a ‘dull bunch’ right to their faces. [We covered that here: MILITARY: How Come Joe’s ‘Help’ For Veterans Kept Hurting Them Instead?]

When Trump held him to account for dodging Chris Wallace’s question about court-packing, Joe snapped at him.

This is not exactly the smartest time to bring up Russia, Joe.

Not just because of the potential pay-for-play implications of your son getting a $3.5Million payout from the wife of Moscow’s mayor while you were in office, either.

But there’s a bigger reason: The Obama/Biden administration is neck-deep in a scandal that just blew open tonight. It implicates top-level Obama cabinet members directly, and the infamous January 2017 Oval Office meeting puts you there by name. BOMBSHELL REPORT: Trump-Russia Collusion Was A STRATEGY By Hillary To Distract From Email Scandal