Three Questions That Highlight How Badly Wallace Failed As Debate Moderator

Written by Wes Walker on September 30, 2020

Don’t let his position on FoxNews fool you. Chris Wallace is no fan of Trump. Anyone who watched the Schiff-peachment could plainly see that. But how did he do as debate moderator?

To his credit, he was not as gloves-off with Biden as most other career journalists would have been. There were a few questions lobbed his way that undercut the Democrat talking points.

But he didn’t really press Biden with the hard ones or cheap shots to the same extent he did Trump.

Here are a couple of examples.

Chris Wallace brought up the NYTimes story about taxes. (Exactly as the Democrat operatives who leaked it expected he would.) He specifically zeroed in on one question, the Democrat talking point of whether or not he paid $750. The phrasing of the question specifically excluded any other taxes that may have been paid.

But if you read deep into the same article Wallace cited, the millions in taxes Trump has paid are acknowledged. Taxes that take the place of standard income tax. ClashDaily covered the details covered in those paragraphs here: Why Did The New York Times Bury THIS Detail In Their ‘Trump Taxes’ Hit Piece?

If ‘bombshell’ stories about potentially dubious financial practices close to the candidate are relevant to this debate, why was Joe Biden not queried about potential conflicts of interest in either (a) new revelations about high-level White House meetings involving Ukraine and Burisma (b) Senate investigation revealing Hunter receiving a $3.5 Million check from the widow of Moscow’s former Mayor? Both of those point to credible allegations of influence-peddling in Biden’s own family.

You KNOW a foreign influence angle is of particular interest to Chris, because he kept browbeating Trump over Russia just a month or two ago.

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What changed, Chris? How come you’re not as interested about that angle anymore?

It gets worse.

Wallace asked about the Executive Order to end what he characterized (twice) as ‘sensitivity training’ and once by its name, ‘Critical Race Theory’.

‘Sensitivity training’ is the cloak of respectability given to the retooled version of Marxist theory that swaps out outdated class-based oppressed/oppressor language with the new and trendy race-based replacements. It is the Marxist engine sitting under the hood of the Left’s intersectional feminist tour bus.

Critical Race Theory is the proper name for such theory as used in the academy. If you want to know why it is incompatible with American notions of equality and freedom, here is a clue:

And then there was the raising of Biden’s very favorite lie again, the debunked talking point of ‘Very Fine People’.

You’d almost think Biden’s cheapshot was directed at the ‘moderator’ rather than at Trump:

“It’s hard to get any word in with this clown”