NFL: Some Players Celebrate Felons, But Tyler Eifert Wears Real Hero’s Name On His Helmet

Written by Wes Walker on September 2, 2020

It shouldn’t surprise us if the agitators (and their supporters) are picking the worst kinds of role models. After all, BLM founders share as their hero an actual cop-killer.

By that standard, making martyrs out of felons really isn’t a stretch. What should be far more surprising is the mainstreaming of that kind of thinking.

Athletes that a generation of kids would be looking up to as heroes and role models have made the decision to wear the names of felons on their helmets in support of a cause. How’s that for mixed messaging? Your kids’ heroes openly admiring felons?

The good news is that not players have chosen to push that narrative on their ‘remember their names’ initiative.

Tyler Eifert, who wrote an essay to explain why he wasn’t jumping in on the kneeling bandwagon. The short version? He’s a patriot.

He’s going to sport David Dorn’s name on his helmet.

If you don’t immediately remember that name, that’s because his unfortunate death was one the news media did NOT splash across headlines and the A-block of broadcasting.

Here is his widow recounting what happened at the RNC last week.

He is the retired cop from St. Louis who was checking on an alarm from his friend’s pawnshop during the George Floyd riots when he was murdered in cold blood by a felon robbing the place.

It may shock some of those leftist media defenders of the looting that his widow can’t simply ask the insurance company to restore her late husband to her.

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