OOPS! Bloomberg Posted A Video Of A Trump Supporter That Will Make Democrats LOSE THEIR MINDS

Written by K. Walker on September 7, 2020

The plan was to show who the swing voters were that could make a huge difference in who will be elected President in November–the result was essentially a pro-Trump ad to minority voters.

Recently, Bloomberg News posted an article titled, “The Nine Types of Voters Who Will Decide 2020.”

In the promo for the article, Bloomberg QuickTake posted a video of one of the types of voters that they were highlighting. It was a profile of 39-year old Mathew Hawley, that Bloomberg describes as a “Minority Mold-Breaker” because he supports President Trump.

The video looks like something that was produced by a pro-Trump PAC rather than Bloomberg.

Hawley explains that he was moved by President Trump’s question that he posed to black voters back in 2016, “What do you have to lose?”

The California voter’s views were included in the article. Here’s what Hawley had to say:

“The first thing that attracted me—that opened my ears up—is when he came to the podium at one of his rallies. He said, ‘You know what, you guys have been voting Democrat for so many years. Your schools are in a bad place. Your neighborhoods are in a bad place. Your education is in a bad place.’ And he spoke into the mic and he said, ‘Vote for me. What do you have to lose?’ I never heard a president saying things like that.”

“I liked his border protection policy. I experienced the wave of illegal immigrants coming into a lot of Black communities. I have [witnessed] a lot of racist stuff that’s happened between Mexicans and Blacks. He was talking about securing up the border. You can’t have a sovereign nation if you don’t have some type of protection.

“I believe [Black Lives Matter] is a fake organization that is around to play on Black people’s emotions in order to get them to donate to the Democratic Party. When little babies die by the hands of another Black person, [the activists] are nowhere to be found. You don’t see them marching in the streets in the South Side or West Side of Chicago.”

Source: Bloomberg

Pretty great stuff right there!

No party should “own” the votes of people based on their race. That’s nuts!

In a world where the media is unbiased and calls balls and strikes for all sides, this wouldn’t be remarkable at all.

We live in a world where the news is 150 times more negative towards President Trump than his opponent, Joe Biden.

The bias is real–no matter what the nutters on CNN say. Negative coverage of President Trump has been consistently around 90 percent since he took office and during impeachment, it got even worse.

Look, a hostile media keeping politicians accountable is a good thing, but that’s not what we have. We have a media that cheered on Obama and hid his multiple scandals. They didn’t want to criticize him even when his policies were terrible for the country.

Even better than a hostile media is an honest one, and we certainly don’t have that.

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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