SHOCKING: Firearms Instructor Teaches Lesson About Use Of Force You Won’t Soon Forget (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 7, 2020

There’s a world full of Monday-Morning Quarterbacks who love to weigh in on what they think police do wrong. One firearms instructor shows you JUST how fast situations can go sideways.

When it’s not your life on the line, when you aren’t facing a possible threat to your life, when you can back up the tape and look at it sixteen times, you can easily convince yourself that *YOU* would have made a different call.

But real life doesn’t have a pause button. You can’t back it up. You can’t watch real life from the safety of your couch, the bus, the toilet, or wherever you’re watching video on your phone.

It comes down to you, the situation, and tenths of a second to react appropriately. If anything, their record of success in those situations should be the story here.

We can’t even count on referees to make the right call in a ballgame. And the stakes are a lot lower when you’re third and long than when you’re responding to a potentially deadly situation.

Count the seconds you have to react on the multiple occasions this firearms instructor is making his case:

A Chicago-based firearms training instructor is cutting through popular claims that a suspect with their back turned presents no threat to law enforcement.

Former police officer Mike Brown revealed on his “Instructor Mike” YouTube channel late last month just how fast a person can suffer a wound or lose their life when they let their guard down coming upon a potential threat who has their back turned.

In a roughly two-and-a-half-minute-long video, Brown conducts numerous turn-and-draw firearm demonstrations on a close range target, all the while explaining to his virtual audience and in-person students the split-second decision-making that would be required for someone in the target’s position to recognize him as a threat and neutralize him. — WesternJournal

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