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Sorry Biden, But YOU Are Far More Like Goebbels Than Trump EVER Was

Biden went back to that tired old ‘Trump is literally Hitler’ well yet again when he compared Trump to Goebbels. But if ANYONE should be careful throwing around the term ‘Big Lie’, it’s Joe Biden.

Here is the softball ‘how horrible is your opponent’ question he is so used to facing from interchangeable and complicit ‘reporters’, delivered in this instance by MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle.

“One of the things he says over and over is that you will push a socialist agenda,” Ruhle said.

…“You’ve said it very clearly, you are not a socialist. And you actually have a record to prove that you’re not. But what the president does, he says you are, he says it twice as often and twice as loud,” she said. “How do you combat that lie when he keeps pushing it, and some voters start to believe it?” — DailyCaller

What did Biden say in response?

“He’s sort of like Goebbels. You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge.” — DailyCaller

Oh, really, Joe? You’re going THERE, are ya? What next, another tired accusation of being ‘authoritarian’?

Yep. There it is, right on cue:

“U.S. Constitution provides one chance — one — for the Americans to have their voices heard on who serves a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court, who makes those big decisions about their healthcare, their civil rights, and much else,” said Biden.
“That chance is now. That moment is now. And the voters, in my view, are not gonna stand for this abuse of power. And if we’re to call ourselves a Democracy, their voices must be heard,” he added.

THAT lie can be disproven by citing none other than Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself when she was defending Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland.

He can whine all he wants about being labeled a socialist. But anyone who wants to look at his actual campaign promises can judge for themselves. Mark Levin, on Hannity’s show, actually did just that.

LEVIN: All right. Let me — let me — let me — let me jump in here. You see this, Sean, you know what this is, it’s the akin to the communist manifesto. This is the Bernie Sanders-Biden manifest. They put this out.

Nobody’s discussing it. No newsroom has actually read it. It’s not discussed at the Democratic Convention. And by the way, liberty is not discussed, electricians aren’t discussed, plumbers aren’t — it’s just a big hate-fest.

But I want to go through this very briefly, because that’s all the time I have anyway. I want people to know what’s in these documents, 110 pages long, how they’re going to destroy your country. –Read the full text here: FoxNews Transcripts

But speaking of ‘big lies’, there are a LOT of lies which are absolutely foundational to Biden’s entire candidacy.

Like the outrage he claimed to feel about an unsourced rumor (discredited by more than 20 on-the-record witnesses) that Trump spoke disparagingly of the troops. Yet we have Biden on video calling our military ‘stupid bastards’ and a ‘dull bunch’.

Biden ran commercials on that ‘outrage’. The press all but fellated him with their ‘how-mad-are-you-at-Trump’ questions on that score. He made a show of not carrying a war memento with him, lest he boil over in rage over it. (Which seems an obvious failure in self-mastery.)

He lies about taxes. He steadfastly claims he will not raise taxes one iota for anyone making less than $400k. And yet, he plans to ax the Trump tax cuts.

But the best example is his accusation that Trump (who just unveiled his Contract with Black America proposal) is somehow friendly with White Supremacists.

One misquoted line from events around Charlottesville are the backbone of his attacks on Trump. If he wanted to disabuse himself of the lie, it would be as simple as reading the transcripts of watching the video for the following 60 seconds or less. But he loves the lie, and what smearing Trump with it might do to tighten his tenuous on certain special-interest and minority voting blocks that are critical to his success.

Then again how seriously should we really take the guy who says this, prompter or no prompter:


Wes Walker

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