FBI Charges BLM Activist For Spending $200K Of Donations On Himself

Written by Wes Walker on September 28, 2020

Do we really need to explain that ‘buyer beware’ applies to political activism, too?

BLM is a dubious choice for a financial gift even on the best of days, what with their penchant for dumping money into leftist causes, and springing wife-beaters from prison.

But one organization that called itself by the name BLM didn’t actually have any connections to the national group. More importantly, it was no longer allowed to operate as a charitable organization. It had that status revoked since it had not filed any tax documents in the previous 3 years.

That didn’t stop Tyree Conyers-Page (aka: Sir Maejor Page) from taking donations anyway.

Well, he eventually got caught.

[Page] accepted more than $430,000 in donations through his Facebook page Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta in July and August, according to an affidavit filed in federal district court Thursday evening.

…Page doesn’t appear to have been affiliated with the official Black Lives Matter organization. The national arm of Black Lives Matter chose not to recognize Page’s group as an official chapter over concerns about his ability to work with LGBT activists, National Public Radio affiliate WABE reported in July 2016.

While Page was active in protests against police brutality, he was arrested multiple times on charges of impersonating a police officer, Fox5 Atlanta reported in August 2016. —DailyCaller

That’s pushing half a million dollars of donations. From Heaven-alone-knows-who.

And what did this ‘activist’ do with it? Was a single life made appreciably better? Were any struggling youth mentored onto a path to success or offered vocational training? Any single moms offered help on climbing that social ladder, or move to a safer neighborhood?

Of course not.

Page claimed that all funds donated to the group were used to fight for George Floyd, but he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on personal expenses including tailored suits and property purchases, according to the affidavit. —DailyCaller

It makes you wonder if BLM of Kamala Harris would still float him some bail money if he needs it.

On one hand, he’s just their type of person. On the other, the coattails he illicitly rode were BLMs. Would they forgive him after a filing like that one?