SPYGATE: Why Was ‘Pious’ John Brennan Running An Illicit Private Op?

Written by Wes Walker on September 9, 2020

Before you can turn the powerful tools of a government investigation against an American, you need a damned good predicate. So what was Bennan up to before the official investigation start date?

None of this was ever supposed to become public knowledge.

They were supposed to get away with it all. Hillary was supposed to be President. And even if by some crazy fluke the other guy wins they have an insurance policy to wipe him out. Tie him up in legal limbo and have a Special investigator bury the Spygate stuff while looking for some excuse to impeach Trump.

Nobody was even supposed to go looking at these files. And certain players in the know could just slow-walk key evidence for so long that nobody could prove it even if they figured it out.

But Spygate got sniffed out. Dirty players in the CIA and FBI were exposed.

Trump survived the coup attempt(s).

Documents were declassified.

AG Barr took over.

The landscape suddenly changed. People who could do something about it started actively looking into all the things that led up to the scandal. Durham was appointed as an investigator.

Suddenly, things are looking very grim for John Brennan:

Getting busted for running a private op against a political opponent?

This is enough to make his spying on Senate emails for Obama look small potatoes by comparison.

This miserable SOB fought to keep his credentials, wagged his finger at the rest of us, and parlayed his misdeeds into a gig as a political intelligence analyst on CNN.

If Durham pulls up enough evidence to convict him, there won’t be enough popcorn in the world to fully enjoy the schaudenfreude.