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Thousands Of Double Voters Found In TWO Battleground States–Here’s The 411

Democrats pushing for universal mail-in voting are not gonna like this…

President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr have been pretty clear that universal mail-in voting–where every person on the state voter roll is sent a ballot–is very different from an absentee ballot which is sent by request and has procedures in place to ensure that we maintain the “one person, one vote” standard.

Proponents of universal mail-in voting often demand that those who are opposed to it cite instances of fraud. This is very difficult since there are not many jurisdictions that have put in the rigorous controls in place to ensure the integrity of elections in a large-scale vote-by-mail system.

Now, with the global pandemic, many jurisdictions are choosing to rush through mail-in voting and opening the door to fraud on a scale that we’ve not seen before. Experts estimate that 80 million Americans will cast their ballot by mail in November.

We know that voter rolls are inaccurate and it’s always a fight to get them cleaned up.

Two organizations working to clean up the voter rolls is the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) based in Indianapolis and Judicial Watch based in Washington, D.C.

According to Ballotopedia, there are 22 states that are making a fast-tracked shift from in-person voting to mail-in voting through the U.S. Postal Service for the November 3 election.

PILF has investigated instances in which fraud already may have occurred between 2016-2018.

Clark County, Nevada’s largest, decided to switch to mail-in ballots just two months before its June primary. The result: nearly 225,000 of 1.3 million mailed ballots (17.3%) were sent back by the Postal Service as undeliverable. Only 305,000 mail-in ballots (23.5%) were accepted and counted, according to numbers provided to PILF.

In this year’s primary seasons alone, election boards across the country have rejected 534,000 ballots, compared with 318,716 in the 2016 election.

PILF decided to investigate two jurisdictions where lawsuits are pending–North Carolina and Georgia, and sorted through a massive amount of data.

In North Carolina, they found 20,000 people that appeared to have voted twice in the general and mid-term elections.

In North Carolina, auditors found nearly 20,000 voters who appeared to have voted twice in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

“This is a widespread concern in North Carolina,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said after filing a court brief in July. “We should be talking about how to strengthen our systems against misdeeds done out of the sight of election officials in 2020 instead of defending an imperfect system from total ruin. The plaintiffs are only raising the threat of worsening the settled fact that voter fraud is most common in the mail.”

In Georgia, they found something similar.

In Georgia, PILF not only found more than 4,000 dead people on the rolls but also calculated that about 10,000 registrants voted twice in 2016 and 2018.

“It is paramount that Georgia’s election officials investigate and confirm the registrations PILF flagged and further examine Georgia’s voter rolls for other duplicate entries prior to the entry of any injunctive relief that would exacerbate these defects,” the group’s brief said, welcoming state officials to fact-check its audit.

Source: The Washington Times

Georgia’s Secretary of State has vowed to investigate the incidents of voter fraud and hold people accountable. The state government found that 1,000 people voted illegally in a state primary in addition to the double voting found by PILF.

1,000 Georgians illegally voted twice in the state’s primary in June, according to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

On Tuesday, Raffensperger held a press conference discussing the state’s investigation into voters submitting absentee ballots but going to vote in person.

Source: MCRTV

Now we have some clear evidence that voter fraud does indeed happen with mail-in voting.

What happens when the 80 million ballots are cast by mail for the 2020 General Election in jurisdictions that aren’t prepared for it? Chaos. That’s what the Democrats are counting on.

They’ve already done their “War Game” scenario and it ends with Biden taking Hillary’s advice and refusing to concede. 

It’s going to make the 2000 election look J.V. in comparison.


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