Unhinged Leftist Is Prime Example Of Late-Stage Trump Derangement Syndrome (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on September 16, 2020

Conservatives half-joke that Trump Derangement Syndrome™ is a mind-virus. This video proves that it’s not a joke.

Let’s face it, both sides of the political aisle have their crazies.

The extremists on the right and the left have racists, but I’m not talking about them. The racists on the right are condemned, but the ones on the left are embraced and have money thown at them in the BILLIONS. *cough*Black Lives Matter*cough*

I’m talking about the folks that have drunk the partisan Kool-Aid and simply cannot see that there is another perspective out there.

This unhinged leftist is a prime example of what happens when you allow CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood, and academia to create your worldview for you.

In this TikTok video, she says that she doesn’t want to hear any complaints about the two-party system in 2020. She says she’s not keen on casting her ballot for Biden, but she must because the only other choice is…A NAZI!

Is she talking about Trump? Because he’s the worst Nazi ever. He just signed two peace deals with Israel and their Arab neighbors. That doesn’t seem like something that Hitler would do.

Now watch her freak the hell out.

That was stupid, awful, and slightly demonic.

It kind of reminded me of someone…

It also reminds me of this girl who has the same enthusiasm as the average Biden voter.

Like these folks:

Or her:

But remember, kiddies, it’s the MAGA crowd that’s crazy.

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