DOJ Opens Investigation Into John Bolton’s Book Alleging That He Revealed Classified Info

Written by Wes Walker on September 16, 2020

Bolton made his bed. Now he gets to lie in it.

John Bolton was in a huge hurry to push out that tell-all book of his before somebody else scooped him. He was in SUCH a hurry that he gave the one-finger salute to the vetting process that redacts any information that would be an unlawful disclosure of secure information.

When the judge ruled in his favor in the case the Trump administration brought to block the release of this book, Bolton scored a pyrrhic victory.

A close reading of the judge’s words will reveal the Sword of Damocles that has been hovering above his head from then until now…

President Trump’s former national security adviser John R. Bolton can go forward with the publication of his memoir, a federal judge ruled on Saturday, rejecting the administration’s request for an order that he try to pull the book back and saying it was too late for such an order to succeed.

“With hundreds of thousands of copies around the globe — many in newsrooms — the damage is done. There is no restoring the status quo,” wrote Judge Royce C. Lamberth of the Federal District Court of the District of Columbia.

But in a 10-page opinion, Judge Lamberth also suggested that Mr. Bolton may be in jeopardy of forfeiting his $2 million advance, as the Justice Department has separately requested — and that he could be prosecuted for allowing the book to be published before receiving final notice that a prepublication review to scrub out classified information was complete.

“Bolton has gambled with the national security of the United States,” Judge Lamberth wrote. “He has exposed his country to harm and himself to civil (and potentially criminal) liability. But these facts do not control the motion before the court. The government has failed to establish that an injunction will prevent irreparable harm.” — NYTimes

That sword may now be poised to drop.

In August, John Ratcliffe, the newly installed Director of National Intelligence, referred the matter to the Justice Department, two sources told the Times, which added, “John Demers, the head of the department’s national security division, then opened the criminal investigation, according to a person briefed on the case.”

“Bolton had agreed to let national security officials review any book he might eventually write before publication in order to make sure that it contained no classified information. The department accused Mr. Bolton of giving Simon & Schuster permission to publish his book before he had official signoff that his prepublication review was complete,” the Times noted.

…The Times reported, “Even though Mr. Bolton did not receive a final approval letter from the White House, he told Simon & Schuster to publish anyway.”

Lamberth concluded, “This was Bolton’s bet: If he is right and the book does not contain classified information, he keeps the upside mentioned above; but if he is wrong, he stands to lose his profits from the book deal, exposes himself to criminal liability, and imperils national security. Bolton was wrong.” —DailyWire

Well, John…?

We don’t really know how to break this to you. So we’ll let this GIF say what needs saying.

Hope that go-nowhere book and alienating all your friends for a quick buck was really worth it.

Be sure and give Creepy Porn Lawyer and Michael Cohen our regards. They are your new peers, after all.

You drank the Liberal Koolaid and got yourself pussified.

Now you’re paying a price for it.

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