WATCH: Antifa Accidentally Hits One Of Their Own In ‘Friendly Fire’ Incident With Molotov Cocktail–Twitter Users Add Music

Written by K. Walker on September 7, 2020

Saturday night marked the 100th night of rioting in Portland with fireworks in the suburbs.

The fireworks were set off by Antifa and were targeting police…but hey, it was still festive! (Sorta.)

The Media(D) calls it “unrest” in Portland, but the rest of us can clearly see that the violence and destruction at these “protests” is really rioting.

Now that the polling has shown that normal people aren’t so keen on watching cities burn in the name of “mostly peaceful protest”, Democrats are cracking down on the lawlessness that they’ve allowed to run rampant for 100 nights.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said that he wanted the National Guard to help quell the ongoing nightly rioting, but it was the Governor that refused the assistance.

When passing the buck to the Governor didn’t stick, he tried to do the same thing saying that it was all President Trump’s fault.

That was just days after sending a letter refusing federal assistance in stopping the riots.

But it’s no longer just the federal courthouse and the local police stations that are targets for the mob–on Saturday, they hit the suburbs.

Portland P.D. quickly called it a riot and started making arrests.

That’s because it got pretty wild before 9 PM.

At one point, a molotov cocktail was thrown at police and it hit the ground near one of the Antifa members and set his feet on fire.

The police had to move in to help these idiots put out the flame because they weren’t even doing that right.

Some Twitter users saw the video and couldn’t help but notice that it was pretty damned hilarious.

There was an opportunity for comedy gold by adding an appropriate soundtrack.

There was something for everyone.

The jokes made themselves.


That Antifa dude had some moves considering he was on fire…

Here’s another throwback:

A classic:

Something altogether appropriate:

One guy did a play-by-play of “Andy Tifa” lighting himself on fire.

The next few are absolutely hilarious!

There’s nothing like the classics.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Social media can be a toxic hellhole, but once in a while, it redeems itself.

Mocking cosplaying revolutionary tinkerpots is one of those times.

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