WATCH: Don Lemon Makes Chris Cuomo Look Like A Frickin’ Genius With His Unhinged Rant

Written by K. Walker on September 22, 2020

In one brief clip, Don Lemon spectacularly reveals that he is indeed the Dumbest Man on Television™.

During the handoff between shows, the two hosts had a bit of banter about the situation with the Supreme Court vacancy with an election just over 40 days away.

Shockingly, Bro Cuomo and Don LeMon disagreed on what needs to happen.

Lemon chose an extreme option and Cuomo was surprisingly more moderate.

CUOMO: No matter what happens everybody sticks with the team.
LEMON: We’re gonna have to blow up the entire system and you know what we’re gonna have to do?
CUOMO: Nah, I don’t know about that.
LEMON: Yes. And you know what we’re gonna have to do?
CUOMO: You just gotta vote.
LEMON: Honestly, from what your closing argument is, you’re gonna have to get rid of the electoral college because the people–
CUOMO: I don’t see it.
LEMON: Because the minority in this country decides who the judges are and they
decide who the president is. Is that fair?
CUOMO: We need a constitutional amendment to do that.
LEMON: And if Democrats–if Joe Biden wins, Democrats can stack the courts and they can do that amendment and they can get it passed.
CUOMO: Well, you need two thirds to vote in the Congress in three-quarters of the state legislature.
LEMON: They may be able to do that.
CUOMO: Maybe.

You know that you’re way off base when Fredo looks like the voice of reason.

This is the guy that has defended violence in the streets because of “systemic racism” often in Democrat-run cities that have been leftwing strongholds for decades and has created the horrible situation of a black underclass that is dependant on government.

Seriously, that man has barely above a single-digit IQ and he’s still looking like the genius here.

Here’s the full clip:

The main problem as exhibited by Don Lemon and to a lesser degree Chris Cuomo is the absolutely appalling ignorance of American Civics. This is also true of general public.

Maybe more people need to listen to Senator Ted Cruz explain it.

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