WATCH: Senator Ted Cruz Triggers ‘The View’ Coven When He Criticizes Blue State COVID Response

Written by K. Walker on September 29, 2020

Texas Senator Ted Cruz went right into the Heart of Darkness™ on Monday and his hosts probably regretted allowing him on the show.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is promoting his new — and very timely — new book on the Supreme Court, One Vote Away: How A Single Seat Supreme Court Seat Can Change History. It’s taking him all sorts of places, including being “grilled” by the leftist harpies on The View. 

Of course, they couldn’t have a Republican Senator on and not try to make him pull out the knives on fellow Republicans, right?

The women on the daytime talk show began to discuss one of the Only Approved Topics that is affecting all of us these days — the virus from China, COVID-19.

One of the harpiest of the harpies, Joy(less) Behar, took an interesting tactic by trying to get Ted Cruz to either defend or criticize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on his decision to fully reopen the state.

Cruz didn’t fall for it.

TED CRUZ: New York, in particular, has led the country in death rate, and I think it had a lot to do with the Democratic Governor there — Governor Cuomo sending people who had COVID into nursing homes.

JOY BEHAR: That’s not true.

CRUZ: Well, the death rate is three times as high as the death rate in Texas or Florida.

BEHAR: I asked you about DeSantis. Answer me about DeSantis, please.

CRUZ:  I’m sorry?

BEHAR: I’m talking about Florida right now, not New York. New York got hit very early, and a lot of people were coming in without any kind of sanctions on it.

CRUZ: But the government policy was different and the policy made a difference —

BEHAR: Tell me about Florida. Let’s get what you think about DeSantis.

CRUZ: The government policy was different and the policy made a difference. The policy of the Governors of New York and New Jersey of sending people who were COVID-positive into nursing homes —

BEHAR: Deflection.

CRUZ: …was catastrophic, and it resulted in a horrific death rate.

BEHAR: You are deflecting, sir.

CRUZ: No. I’m saying we should actually listen to sound science and protect people and keep them safe.

BEHAR: You are deflecting the question!

Just look at their faces. They don’t even want to share a screen with Ted Cruz.

Florida has done exceptionally well keeping the death rate down, but New York has been a model on what not to do. Despite this, the media and the left (but I repeat myself) are quick to use Gov. DeSantis as a punching bag while lauding Gov. Cuomo.

Whoopi Goldberg jumped in and criticized Trump for his response, even though he shut down travel from China and then from Europe, didn’t want to create nationwide panic, and reluctantly shut down in the early days when there was still much that was unknown. That whole “15 Days To Slow The Spread” thing that has been extended by some states almost indefinitely.

That’s all Trump’s fault and worthy of criticism, apparently.

Would Whoopi care to take a run at criticizing another leader who didn’t shut down the borders, still doesn’t have enough tests to meet demand, even though the government was “fully briefed” on the COVID-19 pandemic “in late December, early January” and knew the “risk it posed to human health” and was, therefore, “watching it very carefully”?

The beloved leftist, blackfaced Canuck, Justin Trudeau did just that — not a damned thing — until after President Trump’s response.

I’m thinking she won’t because he’s a (sometimes) white version of Obama and the Great Leftist Hope in the Great White North.

Beyond that, however, it’s utterly ridiculous when anyone to the political right of Karl Marx shows up on The View to be questioned by a group of vapid, ignorant, and flat-out stupid people who cater to their leftwing audience of trained seals rather than have any sort of serious discussion.

Watching The View some days makes me question the wisdom of the 19th Amendment — ok, not really, but at the very least demand that a basic Civics test and a quiz on the issues be given to people before they are permitted to cast their ballot.

These harpies on The View are unserious people who are, unfortunately, taken seriously because of their gender.

It just shows the low expectations that people still have about women. The women on Outnumbered on Fox News — even the lefties that literally just read the talking points — are more serious than The View Coven.

When someone as brilliant as Ted Cruz comes on the show, it’s pretty clear that they’re way out of their league.

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