WATCH: White BLM Activists Get Hilariously OWNED By Black Bro In A MAGA Hat–‘You’re Pathetic! You’re Self-Hating Liberals’

Written by K. Walker on September 28, 2020

These Libs took on the wrong guy and just couldn’t take the heat.

He starts out laughing at the three young, white women standing holding anti-Trump signs. Two of them are wearing “Black Lives Matter” shirts and the one in the middle is (hilariously) wearing a shirt that reads “monkeys.”

MAGA bro starts off saying, “They asked me, ‘Do you believe black lives matter?’ I said, ‘Hell, I’m black. Of course, my life matters.'”

He then points out that they support Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by Margaret Sanger, a known anti-black racist and believer in eugenics.

He then notes the shirt that says “monkeys” and one of the other girls says, “It’s a band!”

The BLM activists start walking away.

He then asks if these BLM activists if they’re willing to “take a knee” for him or kiss his shoe and show that they believe that black lives matter. He then says that that is absolutely racist.

He says that it’s pathetic that they’re listening to people who tell them that they have to act a certain way because of their race.

One of the girls yells, “That’s literally Trump.”

Pulling no punches, he tells them exactly what he thinks of them, “You’re pathetic. self-hating white liberals. Racist white liberals.”

He ends the clip saying, “Have a blessed day! Be blessed in the Lord!”


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We al know the racist white liberals worst enemy is a black man or woman that is a free thinker! They are so bold as to want to ask a BLACK MAN is he believes #blacklivesstillmatter ! But as usual like most cowards will run away when challenged.. _________________________________________ Posted @withregram • @5th.dimension.robyn BLACK LIVES MATTER . . . #liberalismisamentaldisorder #liberalismisadisease #redpilled #conservatives #maga #trump #makeamericagreatagain #silentmajority #keepamericagreat #fucksocialism #democratssuck #cringe#liberalismisamentaldisorder #trumptrain #magacountry #socialismsucks #blmsucks #blackliesmatter #libtards #donaldtrump #trump2020 #louisvilleprotests #louisville #draintheswamp #antifa #blm #blacklivesmatter #breonnataylor #breonnataylorslifematters #certainblacklivesmatter

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That was amazing!

The left can’t handle it when their narrative is upended. They took off rather than discuss their ideas.

Did you notice that one guy yelled that they’re leaving because they were “busted” before? Busted for what? Harassing black conservatives?

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