WATCH: Woman On Murder Of Patriot Prayer Bro–‘So The F*ck What? Tough Luck. Don’t Be A Trump Supporter In Portland’

Written by K. Walker on September 18, 2020

The left absolutely hates you for supporting President Trump. This video is proof.

The absolute vitriolic hatred of anything not leftwing is insane. It’s like religious fanaticism. The left has become cultish in its unquestioning adherence to their woke doctrine, and it’s affecting normal people.

This is mostly because the left has a monopoly in Academia, public schools, the Media(D), Hollywood, and now “woke” sports.

James Klug, a YouTube man-on-the-street reporter asked some Portlanders what they thought of what has been going on in Portland for over 100 nights.

It was one particular interaction that was absolutely shocking.

He asked a man and a woman about the shooting of Patriot Prayer member, Aaron Danielson AKA “Jay Bishop”, and the woman’s reaction was vile.

Does this sound like a rational person?

Is this not one of the most cold-hearted things that you’ve heard?

What kind of monster celebrates the death of someone based solely on which candidate they support for President? How is that even a thing?

Surveillance video shows that Michael Reinoehl stalked and ambushed Jay Bishop in Portland.

He was killed simply because he was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat.

Can you imagine the outrage if someone said that about Jacob Blake?

“Oh, well. Tough luck. Don’t pull out a knife on the cops after resisting arrest and harassing a woman that you’re accused of sexually assaulting.”

Blake survived and has become a celebrity with glowing articles in The New York Times where he shares his story.

What about saying that about anyone else that the left lauds as heroes?

Does that mean that they should have died for their wrong actions? Maybe that’s up for debate, but there’s also that whole right to self-defense thing that applies in at least 2 of those cases mentioned above.

Still, anyone who said any of that would be lambasted by pretty much everyone on the left.

Here’s the full video of Klug’s on-the-street chats, and it’s WILD:

The left doesn’t want to argue their policies or worldview. They want conformity and if you refuse to conform, then you deserve whatever you get–even if it’s a bullet from an ambush shooting.

It’s disgusting.

But this, Ladies & Gents is the “tolerant” left.

The Media(D) laments and bemoans the partisanship in America, but do you think that they’ll call out this woman for dancing on the grave of a Trump supporter? No. They love it. They’re complicit in it. The Media(D) called Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen who acted in self-defense in Kenosha, a “racist’ and “white supremacist” with zero evidence and now that’s the accepted narrative.

It’s the Media(D) that is the problem, and it’s corrupting everyday Americans.

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