Herschel Walker Calls On Sports Stars (And Others) To STOP Promoting The Black Lives Matter Organization

Written by Wes Walker on September 18, 2020

The NFL players can dismiss the criticisms of their fans, the white ownership groups, and the odd player or two. But good luck dismissing these criticisms of Herschel Walker.

He’s no mere lightweight. And he isn’t one of those dopey meatheads who regurgitates every talking point he’s ever ingested.

He makes something called ‘cogent arguments’ to back up his assertions. Of course, he has a natural advantage in doing so, because the assertions he is making actually CAN be backed up by cogent arguments.

Hershel is calling out the star players, league owners, government officials, church leaders and others to rethink their support form BLM. The BLM organization is NOT what the propaganda says they are.

They are ‘trained Marxists’ and have said so in their own words.

Hershel explains in a little more than a minute, exactly what an organization of ‘trained Marxists’ means for America:

Hint: it’s not a good thing.

He opened the video with a statement that he was blind, but he now sees.

What does he see?

The video tells you.

Marxism is NOT your friend.

It seems a lot of people are ‘waking up’ to that fact.


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