YO, DC Protesters: Before You Chuck A Brick, Check Out This Video About Your BFF Deon Kay

Written by Wes Walker on September 4, 2020

The outrage machine was getting ready to crank up to full speed over another incident involving the use of lethal force by a cop.

The officer involved was — so far as that crowd is concerned — presumed guilty of deliberately murdering a black man.

Why wouldn’t he be? That’s the default they fall to. When cops are involved innocence, rather than guilt, must be proven.

History has shown us that even the f\ull exonerations of cops are held in doubt by activists, Democrats, and their media enablers. Old narratives are resurrected, however discredited they might be.

The case of Deon Kay was heading down the same path. He would be one more ‘victim’ whose name we are obligated to ‘say’.

Here’s the innocent victim narrative they ran with from the get-go…

There’s more than one problem with that.

Is he an ‘innocent victim’? Hardly.

In a noon news conference, D.C. Police Chief Pete Newsham stressed that Kay’s death is a tragedy.

According to the chief, Kay had a history with law enforcement and was a confirmed member of a local gang.

“I’m sure Deon Kay fell through multiple safety nets before yesterday afternoon,” Newsham noted. —Fox5

Was this a gratuitous use of force? Nope.

Video contradicts that innocent victim narrative.

No, not this one…

Or this one…

The one from which this still shot was taken. What’s that in his right hand?

He’s not a child.

He’s not innocent.

He’s not a victim.

And now… he’s no longer alive to threaten anyone else’s life.

None of these details will deter the activists from using his name to whip up anger and (more importantly!) fundraising.