WATCH: Biden Jokes About Being ‘Shot’ If He Explains His Policy … In KENOSHA

Written by Wes Walker on September 4, 2020

After this, Biden’s handlers must be desperately brainstorming ways to get him BACK in the basement.

If he’s so thick that he can’t understand why joking about ‘shooting me’ would be badly received in KENOSHA mere days after some lethal riots, how does he expect to handle delicate international diplomacy with easily offended rival heads of state?

Here he is joking (is that the right word?) about being shot.

This is Biden. The ’empathic’ choice.

With ‘jokes’ like that, ‘sociopathic’ might be closer to the mark.

That’s right. He cares VERY deeply about the good people of Kenosha… especially Jacob Blake and his family.

So VERY deeply that he hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about, as evidenced by his bizarre rant on Anderson Cooper’s show.

To recap what Joe clearly doesn’t know:

– Jacob Blake was the man who was shot 7 times by police. He lived but is now paralyzed. Police arrived on scene because he was violating a restraining order, resisted arrest and was found with a knife in the car he was reaching into.

– The 17-year-old he was referring to, and baselessly linking to ‘White Supremacists’ is a young man who has not been convicted of any crime, who is expected to make a plausible use of self-defense in court to justify the shooting.

The latter incident occurred as part of the riots in days that followed the Jacob Blake shooting.

Biden cares so very much about this issue that he can’t tell the difference between the two incidents, but that won’t stop him from launching into a very obviously scripted talking point about OrangeManBad being racist.

That rant doesn’t give either of the men in question their proper respect.

Worse, it shows that he sees them as props in his drama, as a means to an end in a chess match to take the White House.

Even if he has to tell some very obvious and poorly-scripted lies to do it.