Bari Weiss Blasts The Coven On ‘The View’ Over ACB Confirmation And Having A Different Political View

Written by Wes Walker on October 29, 2020

We are watching in real-time as the Democrats’ unofficial AV department are working overtime to soften Americans up to the next Democrat power play.

If your only exposure to the term ‘court-packing’ had come from hearing Democrats and their media water-carriers in the past month, you might come away with the idea that it has some vague and nebulous definition.

Or, that if it DOES mean something specific, that it explicitly means changing the political flavor of the court by filling available court vacancies with Judges of a different judicial philosophy.

Until the moment Trump SCOTUS nominees started threatening the Democrats’ favorite backdoor route to political power that the ballot box will not give them, court-packing meant something very different.

And it was SO bad that Democrats voted AGAINST FDR to stop him from doing it.

SO bad that a much-younger Joe Biden denounced it as ‘bone-headed’.

But now we have blowhards on the view pushing Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s talking points about Republicans being some sort of a threat to the Republic for filling hundreds of Judicial vacancies, according to the explicit provisions of the Constitution.

Now that an oligarchy of black robes won’t be making up rules as they go now for perhaps the first time in 80 years, these chicks are wringing their hands about the ‘culture’ of the courts not properly reflecting American values.

As if they are somehow the arbiters of American values.

Even when the lone conservative voice on the show pushes back on Democrat plans for court-packing, Sonny Hostin doubles down and tells us that’s EXACTLY what they mean.

Doing so would explicitly politicize the courts and remove much of the court’s independence.

What these chicks seem too partisan to realize is that originalist judges are great, because they put the power back in the hands of the legislators, who are directly responsible to the voting public.

Any laws that are written with clear language (whether conservative or progressive) will be what is understood as the law in force governing the land… and the only real remedy for bad laws is replacing them with better legislation.

It’s almost like the Framers knew what they were doing, eh?

When someone tells you who they are, as the saying goes, believe them.

The left wants a politicized court that is happy to interpret law as it *might have been* written, not as it WAS written by elected lawmakers.

Tell me again, who’s the REAL autocrat?


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