Before You Blame Trump Supporters For The Plot On Biden’s Life… Read This

Written by Wes Walker on October 24, 2020

What does the agitator who openly discussed killing Joe Biden have in common with so many other politically violent jackasses? Not a single MAGA hat in sight.

Nineteen-year-old Alexander Hillel Treisman has a half-million dollars to his name. Did he use that to make a better life for himself? Support a worthy cause? Make the world a better place?

Nah. He took the full nihilist route instead.

A concerned citizen called about the suspicious van he had left parked outside of a bank. Police investigated.

Through the window of Treisman’s green Honda, which was left outside of a bank, Kannapolis police officers saw “an AR-15 style rifle,” explosive material, a box for a handgun and ammunition, FBI Special Agent Aaron Seres testified, according to the court documents.

After conducting a search, police also found several more firearms, over $500,000, believed to be Treisman’s inheritance, and books about survival, bomb making, improvised weapons and Islam. They also found drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings, according to the court documents. — CBS

That’s pretty bad. The kiddie porn, fake id, and roughed-out-plans on how to carry out this threat makes it even worse.

The FBI then obtained a warrant to search Treisman’s cellphone, and investigators found “sexually explicit videos and images of minors,” according to the court documents. “A warrant was obtained to search fifteen other electronic devices seized from Defendant’s vehicles. Child pornography was found on eight of these devices.”

The government then offered the testimony of officer Addison Friedman with the U.S. Marshal’s Service and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Several pieces of evidence were shown during officer Friedman’s testimony. The evidence included images of Treisman’s two fraudulent driver’s licenses, a cellphone note created on October 15, 2019, describing a plan to perform a mass shooting at a mall food court on Christmas or Black Friday, and images from video footage of the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque shooting. — CBS

There were even steps taken toward plotting the assassination of Joe Biden.

The evidence also included an April 15, 2020 post by Treisman with the caption “should I kill joe biden?” as well as internet searches in which he sought information about “Biden’s home address, state gun laws, rifle parts, and night vision goggles,” according to the court documents. His post of the meme about killing Joe Biden, his purchase of an AR-15 in New Hampshire, and the fact that he traveled to a Wendy’s within 4 miles of Joe Biden’s home, as well as a checklist note ending with “execute,” were also included in the evidence. — CBS

Blue Check Twitter has rushed out to denounce Republicans for this ‘Trump Supporter’.

If he wants Joe gone, that must mean he wants a Republican, right?


He didn’t want Biden in the White House. His first choice was BERNIE.

Just like the guy who tried to assassinate Scalise and other Republicans playing ball.

And if you were to poll any group of Antifa Black-block rioters, giving them a choice between Joe, Bernie or Trump, is there ANY doubt that their first pick would be Bernie Sanders?

So why is it we keep hearing that WE are the dangerously violent ones?