CDC’s China Virus Guidelines Updated To Include The Possibility Of Airborne Transmission

Written by K. Walker on October 6, 2020

The Center for Disease Control has updated its coronavirus guidelines. Again.

For some time, an increasing number of scientists have said that they suspected that the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, was being spread through the air. The new update to the CDC website confirms this.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its website to warn that the coronavirus can spread through the air, something public health experts have been warning about for months but went unacknowledged by the agency until Monday.

The CDC says people can be exposed to the virus in small droplets and particles that can linger in the air for minutes to hours, potentially infecting people who are farther than 6 feet away and even people who come into the area after an infected person has left.

“There is evidence that under certain conditions, people with COVID-19 seem to have infected others who were more than 6 feet away,” the CDC says on its website.
Source: USA Today

The CDC guidelines now state that the SARS-CoV-2 virus “can sometimes be spread by airborne transmission.”

Some infections can be spread by exposure to virus in small droplets and particles that can linger in the air for minutes to hours. These viruses may be able to infect people who are further than 6 feet away from the person who is infected or after that person has left the space.

Source: CDC

The CDC has said that even though the virus is likely being spread through airborne transmission, this is more likely in enclosed spaces with “inadequate ventilation.”

Here is the portion of the CDC website dealing with airborne transmission.

In September, the CDC published information addressing airborne transmission on the website. It stated, “There is growing evidence that droplets and airborne particles can remain suspended and be breathed in by others, and travel distances beyond 6 feet (for example, during choir practice, in restaurants, or in fitness classes).”

However, just a few days later, the information was removed and the CDC noted that “a draft on airborne transmission” of the coronavirus was published “in error” and that the CDC was still working on recommendations.

Right-wingers are often mocked by the left for the disdain for masks, but this is often a position that is misunderstood. Many of those who are right-leaning do not believe that they are immune to the coronavirus, it’s quite the contrary — it’s because many believe that the “experts” don’t know as much about it as they’re letting on, that a mask is nothing more than a panacea, and that most people will eventually contract COVID-19.

There are also some problems with long-term mask-wearing.

The Mayo Clinic has more extensive recommendations than the CDC for how to wear a mask effectively, and it’s unlikely that most people follow these to the letter:

  • Wash or sanitize your hands before and after putting on and taking off your mask.
  • Place your mask over your mouth and nose.
  • Tie it behind your head or use ear loops and make sure it’s snug.
  • Don’t touch your mask while wearing it.
  • If you accidentally touch your mask, wash or sanitize your hands.
  • If your mask becomes wet or dirty, switch to a clean one. Put the used mask in a sealable bag until you can wash it.
  • Remove the mask by untying it or lifting off the ear loops without touching the front of the mask or your face.
  • Wash your hands immediately after removing your mask.
  • Regularly wash your mask with soap and water by hand or in the washing machine. It’s fine to launder it with other clothes.

The thing about cloth masks is that they may provide some level of protection from the spread of COVID-19 through droplets, but they are often ill-fitting, worn incorrectly, and not handled properly thereby giving wearers a false sense of security. Once a cloth mask becomes wet, it loses its efficacy. This is why widespread mask use were initially shunned by experts who are now advocating for mask mandates. The human factor of mask misuse hasn’t changed, however.

We’ve also seen some of the big mask advocates admit that they don’t really believe that masks work.

And of course, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was maskless in the D.C. airport.

These mask-shaming people are hypocrites.


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