CLASH POLL: Did The Chinese Communist Party Censor Mike Pence’s Comments Or Did The Feed Just Cut Out? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on October 8, 2020

Was it merely a coincidence? Or was it something much more sinister?

In ordinary circumstances, when something goes wrong with tech, we chalk it up to some kind of a SNAFU.

Maybe it’s a bad connection. Or a loose wire. Or a rookie flips the wrong switch. But when the ‘mistake’ lines up a little too conveniently with the biases that the ‘mistake’ helps or hurts, it gives a person reason to be more than a little suspicious.

This goes double (at least!) in any situation where China’s Communist Party comes into play.

We all remember, don’t we, the ‘technical difficulties’ when a reporter tried to ask some pointed questions about China, Taiwan, and the Wuhan China virus, right? World Health Organization Official Hangs Up On Journalist — Gets Scrubbed From WHO Website

Aren’t those tech failures the damnedest things?

I get the nagging feeling we’ve encountered this trend before, somewhere.

HEY CNN: Why Do Your ‘Technical Difficulties’ Keep Cutting Off CONSERVATIVE Ideas?

Yes, that’s right.

Is it any wonder that it raises an eyebrow or two when the technical difficulties in question just happen to shield China from the sort of criticism its despotic regime doesn’t appreciate?

In case there was ANY question as to which party the Communist Chinese prefer, here’s a clue:

Nathan VanderKlippe isn’t some rando on Twitter with a blue-check, he’s the Beijing correspondent for Canada’s equivalent to the Washington Post. VanderKlippe writes for the Globe & Mail.

What did observers in China miss during that ‘no signal’ message?

They missed this:

But as soon as Kamala came back, the signal was ‘miraculously’ restored.

Now isn’t that the damnedest coincidence?

What do our Clash readers think?

Speaking of censorship, the Tech Tyrants have made it clear they will block right-of-center voices around the time of the election.

(Purely to prevent the spread of false information, just like China, they’re all on the up-and-up.)

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