Eric Trump: POTUS ‘Literally Saved Christianity’ From The Democrat ‘Full-Out War On Faith’

Written by Wes Walker on October 8, 2020

The gulf that separates the Democrat agenda and Christian belief continues to widen and their open hostility to traditional faith is now obvious.

A billionaire playboy seems like an unlikely Defender of the modern faith, but the evidence is right there for anyone who cares to examine it.

Eric Trump made exactly that case in a radio interview.

‘He’s protected the Second Amendment, he’s literally saved Christianity,’ Trump’s second-oldest child told South Fargo-based WZFG radio.

‘I mean there’s a full-out war on faith in this country by the other side.

‘I mean, the Democratic Party, the far left has become the party of the atheist.

‘I mean, they want to attack Christianity, they want to close churches… they’re totally fine keeping liquor stores open.

But they want to close churches all over the country.’

Eric Trump, who along with his brother, Donald Trump Jr, has headed The Trump Organization while their father has been in the White House, gave the interview before it was learned that the president tested positive for COVID-19. –DailyMail

For one thing, Trump is not bringing the Little Sisters of the Poor to court to force them to pay for birth control. But Eric was making a broader point.

While Democrats try to use unconstitutional religious tests against various Trump appointees, Trump has brought the fight for true religious liberty onto the international stage, making the case for it in the United Nations.

Knowing our history, what could possibly be more distinctly American than calling for religious liberty and the freedom for minority religions to worship unhindered across the planet?

Sadly, such an impulse escapes the party that booed God Himself at their 2012 convention, and officially embraced athiesm: DNC Signs Resolution Embracing Atheism, which squares nicely with their decision here: Dear America: Dems Removed ‘So Help Me GOD’ From House Committee Oaths – Here’s The 411

Yes, patriots, however much the Left tries to invoke Christian language when it suits them, they have laid their cards on the table.

And so has Trump. Hey NEVERTRUMPKINS: DJT Declares Religious Freedom Day 2020 And There’s More

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