College Sophomore Punished By Sorority For Sharing The ‘Wrong’ Political Beliefs

Written by Wes Walker on October 22, 2020

Higher education is supposed to challenge the mind and broaden your horizons. What it’s dong instead is compelling mindless lockstep ideological conformity.

With their strong confidence in holding an ideological lock on culture, cultural gatekeepers are becoming quick to punish anyone who breaks ranks with the Leftist orthodoxy. It’s not just the Coastal Elites, Academia, Media Moguls, and political power-brokers anymore.

It’s showing up in small-time gatekeepers like a Sorority in the University of Kansas.

Sophomore Katherine Lauer was rebuked by the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority after reposting a tweet from the black conservative commentator in which she said BLM was ‘the most flagrantly racist organization in America’.

Owens wrote on September 23: ‘Black Lives Matter is an organization of white men, using the faces of dead black people, to raise millions of dollars toward electing white Democrats into positions of power.’

Lauer, who said she supports the ideals of BLM, told Fox News: ‘I feel like they’re really trying to suppress me and silence me. A lot of the conservative friends that I have do not feel comfortable speaking their opinion.

‘It’s almost like … the environment that everyone feels suppressed.’

They’re just like their counterparts in the French Revolution, or Stalinist Russia minus the guillotine and the gulag. What was the punishment for her ‘crime’?

Sharing her correspondence with the network the student was told to take ‘social media posting holiday’ and speak with Kappa Alpha Theta chief operating officer Allie Dew to get a ‘broader education of America today’.

The sorority member was told was put on probation over ‘argumentative communication (verbal or otherwise) with members as a result of your social media posts that disregards different opinions’.

When probed on her probation Lauer is said to have been they were ‘not claiming you have broken a bylaw or rule, but that you have had conduct unbecoming of a member of Theta as the values you have been making public through social media and text communications went against Theta’s values and disrespected women of our chapter’.

…She said others in the sorority also targeted her via text, where she is said to have been told it was ‘not her place to state who is racist and who is not’.

Her position will be reviewed on October 26 when ‘if at this meeting it is determined that you have successfully met all terms of probation and the advisory board feels that you are ready to become a member or new member in good standing’ the extended discretionary probation status ‘will be lifted’. — DailyMail

Do those ‘terms of probation’ require any affirmations that conflict with her conscience and free will?

Is the Sorority going to go full 1984 on her?

Will they make her agree that all conservatives are evil?

That 2+2=5? (Or, if you prefer the Star Trek version, ‘do you see 5 lights?’)

Let’s hope Katherine stands defiant in the face of such compulsion.

The more independent thinkers we have, the better the whole nation will be for it.

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