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COVID: The Critical Policy Mistake Democrats Will NEVER Admit In A Debate

With everyone focusing on SCOTUS, the Debate, and the COVID diagnoses, there’s a news story nobody’s really talking about. And it shines a harsh light on a critical failure or the Democrat platform.

Joe Biden and the other ‘leaders’ in the Democrat party love to thump their chests and claim that Trump has not done ‘enough’ to stop the spread of COVID. They throw darts at anything they can spin as a failure, but carefully avoid putting their own words — and polices! — up to scrutiny.

There is one critical policy failure the Democrats were all-in on that would have devastated our COVID response.

The Southern Border

Biden is on record saying he will reverse nearly everything Trump has done to secure our border.

He will change the policy of having Mexico and Guatemala turn back caravans of would-be gate-crashers to the country. He will immediately change the deportation policy. There are any number of Democrat policy initiatives that will run on exactly the same principles.

And have we all forgotten how Pelosi (who will now gladly throw around TRILLIONS of dollars at the drop of a hat) wanted to explicitly DEFUND Trump’s wall initiative and redirect it into COVID care?

Mexico had COVID spikes of its own, but Border Agents were doing an effective job of containing the issue due in large part to Trump’s various illegal immigration deterrence strategies.

Virus spikes in Mexico even led to restrictions of LAWFUL travel.

Guatemalan authorities sent more than 3,000 Honduran migrants back to their home country over the past few days, they said on Saturday, dissolving much of a caravan heading north even while dwindling groups continued the trek toward the United States.

Thousands of caravan members had crossed into Guatemala from Honduras without authorization last Thursday, pushing past troops at the border as they sought to escape poverty exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

As many as 2,800 people crossed the border in the initial incident, according to Guatemala’s government.

Since then and on Saturday, 3,586 migrants had “opted to return,” the government said.

…Vice Minister of Foreign Relations Eduardo Hernandez called on the government of neighboring Honduras to step up efforts to stop the flow of migrants headed to the United States, calling the caravan a health risk amid the pandemic. –USNews

What good is all your vaunted mask-wearing and contract tracing if you have an unregulated flow of individuals unwilling to comply with even the most basic of laws, let alone the draconian micromanagement of our comings and goings?

Biden can’t have it both ways.

If he wants to lock us all down to protect us from every possible disease vector, that requires taking control of the flow of people across the border.

If he wants to throw open the doors to thousands of people slipping over our Southern border to prove how ‘woke’ he is… then he’s welcoming any disease vector they happen to bring with them.

Pretty hard to keep that promise to protect us from every threat, seen or unseen if you don’t even know who or what is coming over our borders, isn’t it?

But nobody in the media will ever bother to ask him that question.


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