Even With COVID, Trump Finds A Way To Show Up For His Supporters At Walter Reed

Written by Wes Walker on October 5, 2020

As you have probably seen by now, well-wishers were gathered around Walter Reed to show their support for the President (and First Lady) as they recover from their illness.

(A few tone-deaf haters did the same, but it’s hard to look like you’re taking the moral high road when the other crowd is literally cheering for someone to get well.).

Love him or hate him, one of the things people have noticed about him (to the dismay of his security detail) is that he seems to genuinely like being around people. He stops and acknowledges the working stiffs he crosses paths with.

Let’s not forget who we are talking about. For all his wealth and flair for the dramatic and ostentatious decorating, he’s still the President who wasn’t too important to stoop down and grab a marine’s hat when the wind blew it off. He’s the President who stops the motorcade, gets out of the armored car, and greets some of the cops standing along the travel route.

Now, he’s feeling better, hoping to be discharged from Walter Reed by the time many of you will read this, and wants to show love back to the crowds.

It’s not as though he can walk among them — what with the Chinavirus and all — but he can do the next-best thing… a dive-by in the motorcade.

Sure looks happy, doesn’t he?


True, but … wow.

I’m sure a lot of thought went into how to arrange this visit to minimize exposure to others. In fact — we know it did.

No matter what he’s doing, there’s going to be a security detail there with him anyway, and all the detractors will come up with the predictable denunciations no matter what he does or doesn’t do.

But how many career politicians do you know that genuinely enjoy the company of the public enough that they would have even considered doing the same. They might have run the cost-benefit assessment to decide it would help them… but that’s not the question, is it?

The better question is: how many would actually ENJOY it?