COVIDICTATORS: NY State Sending Agents To Photograph Inside Synagogues In Hot-Spots To Make Sure No One Is Praying

Written by Wes Walker on October 16, 2020

The same Democrats who actively encouraged the BLM marches without the slightest concern about Chinavirus implications have maintained a very different attitude toward religious gatherings.

And the Jews in New York have noticed just how much contempt their ‘leaders’ have for their religious expression.

Cuomo is laying down the law on Orthodox Jews who wish to observe their religious festivals as they have been explicitly commanded to by scripture. He considers his own agenda and public welfare rationale to be a higher authority.

“I am very worried that we have completely lost trust with the most impacted communities and that it’s going to undermine our public health efforts,” said Mark D. Levine, a Manhattan councilman who leads the health committee. “The rollout of this policy, which was going to be extremely sensitive in the best of circumstances, only further eroded that trust.”

In announcing his plan, Mr. Cuomo, a Catholic, said he had taken the action against the communities because he loved them and wanted to protect them, quoting the Torah about “how certain religious obligations can be excused, if you are going to save a life.”

“This is about saving a life,” the governor said.

State Senator Simcha Felder, a Democrat who has also worked closely with Republicans over the years, said he had no opinion on the governor’s sense of Judaic teaching, but had another piece of scripture in mind.

“I highly recommend the governor read the Bible’s story of David and Goliath,” Mr. Felder said. “It really doesn’t end that well for Goliath.” –NYTimes

Cuomo has indicated he’s willing to be aggressive in enforcing these limits on religious gatherings. How aggressively is the Governor prepared to go to enforce this?

If the reports are correct, THIS aggressively:

A wave of pushback is developing among the Jewish community.

According to a survey by Ami Magazine, 83% of Orthodox Jews said they would vote for Trump, while 13% will support Democratic challenger Joe Biden, and 4% remain undecided.

The poll also found that 76% believe the mainstream media has been unfair in its coverage of Trump. Fourteen percent said the media coverage was mostly fair, and 10% said they were unsure.

The Ami Magazine poll surveyed 1,000 Orthodox Jews from 22 states, including New York, Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. The survey had a margin of error of 3.1%. –IBT

What impact will this shift have on the election?

We’ll know soon enough.

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