WATCH: Joe Biden Says That It’s Perfectly Fine For An 8-Yr Old To Say ‘I Want To Be Transgender’

Written by K. Walker on October 16, 2020

The issue of transgender rights came up at Joe Biden’s ABC Town Hall event on Thursday evening, and Joe’s response was less than stellar.

Oh, sure the activists would love the policy results, but his answer wasn’t exactly one that they’d approve of.

Meike Haeck is wife of Ezra Nanes, a high-profile Pennsylvania Democrat. In 2018, Nanes had run against Republican state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman. She’s clearly got no agenda showing up at the ABC town hall for Biden, right? She just wants to clarify his position on the issues. Curiously, ABC didn’t mention her close ties to a prominent Democrat instead, identifying Haeck as a “physical therapist from State College, PA.”

ABC also didn’t identify the former Obama administration speechwriter who also asked Joe a question at the town hall.


Haeck is also the mother of a 10-year old and 8-year old. She says that her youngest daughter is transgender and Haeck, as a mother, is concerned about discrimination. She asked about how the rights of transgender individuals would be handled under a Biden administration.

BIDEN: How are you?

HAECK: I’m good, thank you. I’m the proud mom of two girls, eight and ten. My youngest daughter is transgender. The Trump administration has attacked the rights of transgender people, banning them from military service, weakening nondiscrimination protections, and even removing the word “transgender” from some government websites. How will you, as President, reverse this dangerous and discriminatory agenda and ensure that the lives and rights of LGBTQ people are protected under U.S. law?

BIDEN: I will flat-out just change the law. Eliminate those executive orders, number one. You may recall, I’m the guy who said — I was raised by a man who… I remember, I was being dropped off, my dad was a high school-educated, well-read man who was a really decent guy, and I was being dropped off to get an application in the center of our city — Wilmington, Delaware, the corporate capital of the world at the time — and these two men — I’m getting out to get an application to be a lifeguard in the African-American community, because there was a big swimming pool complex. And these two men, well-dressed, leaned up and hugged one another and kissed one another. I’m getting out of the car at the light, and I turned to my dad, and my dad looked at me, he said, “Joey, it’s simple. They love each other.” The idea that an 8-year-old child, a 10-year-old child, decides, you know, “I want to be transgender, that’s what I think I’d like to be, it’d make my life a lot easier” — there should be zero discrimination. And what’s happening is, too many transgender women of color are being murdered. They’re being murdered. I mean, I think it’s up to now 17, don’t hold me to that number. But — it’s higher now?

HAECK: Yeah.

BIDEN: And that’s just this year. And so, I promise you, there is no reason to suggest that there should be any right denied your daughter or daughters, whichever, one or two —


BIDEN: — One your daughter, that your other daughter has a right to be and do. None. Zero. And by the way, my son, Beau, passed away, was the attorney general of the State of Delaware. He was the guy that got the first transgender law passed in the state of Delaware and… because of a young man who became a woman, who worked for him in the attorney general’s office.

Here’s the clip:

Where to begin with this one?

First, let’s cut the crap with the B.S. story that Joe has been sharing for years about seeing two men hugging and kissing in downtown Wilmington in the late 1950s.

Alex Griswald at Mediaite handled this extremely well in an article about Biden’s constant lies in October 2015.

Joe Biden was 17-years-old in 1959.

Let that sink in. In 1959, Joe Biden was driving through downtown Wilmington, Delaware and saw two businessmen kissing on a crowded corner in the business district, in full view of everyone. In a state where homosexuality wasn’t just discouraged, it was illegal.

His Irish Catholic father, who was born in 1917, saw the two men kissing, an act that for the past two thousand years or so Western Civilization had considered taboo at best and an abomination at worst. So he turns to his son and says, ‘Joey, they love each other.’”

And the happy ending to this story is that Biden was so touched by his father’s insanely prescient approval of homosexuality… he went to oppose gay marriage for nearly his entire career, right up to the exact moment public opinion flipped?

Who believes this tripe? More importantly, what kind of man comes up with it?

Source: Mediaite

This isn’t revisionist history this is revisionist memory.

Actually, it’s what our family calls the “perfect recollection of all things imaginary.”

“Who believes this tripe?” indeed!

Second, is Joe saying that people are not “born that way” and that being transgender is a choice? That’s what his answer implies.

Doesn’t the LGBTQ+ community insists that sexual orientation and gender identity are not choices?

Isn’t that why the entire LGBTQ+ thing is a house of cards ready to fall at any moment because it includes people that are firm believers in the concept of binary, biological gender (the “L,” “G,” and “B” in the acronym) and those who believe in “gender fluidity” and that self-identification changes biological reality (the “T” in the LGBT)?

Joe Biden seems to think that it’s perfectly fine for an 8-year old to determine their gender identity.

That’s nuts! An 8-year old cannot comprehend the reperccussions of living their life as the opposite gender. To think that a pre-pubescent child can make such a decision which will affect their adult relationships is just… crazytown.

There should be two different conversations when it comes to transgender identity — one for adults who can understand the consequences of their actions and one regarding children who cannot cognitively comprehend the repercussions of living their life as the opposite gender.

It’s unclear from Joe’s answer if he supports puberty-blockers and other medical interventions to deal with the gender dysphoria, but that is something that must be discussed becasue it renders children sterile. That’s kind of a big deal, no?

I am a firm believer that we shoud treat transgender individuals with compassion but this push to uncritically accept the words of young children and alter their lives to “affirm” their identity will be devastating for many later on. What happens to a girl who in days past used to be considered a “tomboy” and is now told that her preferences mean that she’s really a boy?

Third, Biden insists that there is no right that Haeck’s biologically female daugther is afforded that Haeck’s transgender daughter should be denied.

This is flat-out insane.

While rights are afforded to all people in the United States, there are very specific gender-based rights set out in the law that are given to biological women as protections — such as single-sex spaces and single-sex sports. These are being abridged by people like this clearly incredibly disturbed individual here. Even places like women’s shelters and women’s prisons have been the target of self-identifying “women” who continue to live as biological men.

This is an important issue that is not permitted to be discussed in this entire debate because it’s being suppressed by activists who label any woman who brings it up a “TERF” — which means “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.”

Joe Biden seems to be siding with the activists, and that’s quite something.


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