COVIDICTATORS: The Virus Has Been Politicized… A Tale Of Two Public Rallies

Written by Wes Walker on October 12, 2020

In Des Moines, Iowa, a political rally had the Mayor in fits. Meanwhile, in LA, another cause took crowds to the streets with nary a word.

For months, two topics have dominated headlines and dramatically reshaped how we live our lives. One was the series of riots that (at least superficially) coincided with the death of George Floyd but has taken on a life of its own thereafter.

The other big story is the virus itself, leading to a great deal of panic and death in the beginning that never quite subsided despite the great advances we have made in our understanding of both risk factors and treatment options.

Fear is still the order of the day. Any chance the media has of shaming a group of Trump supporters for being in the same place at the same time you will hear the now-familiar refrains about ‘super spreader’ and killing grandma and all that other nonsense.

Case in point:

The mayor of Des Moines, Iowa, said he is worried that President Trump’s campaign rally in Des Moines this week could be responsible for spreading COVID-19 in the city.

Asked by the Des Moines Register whether he is concerned that the event could accelerate the spread of COVID-19 in Des Moines, Mayor Frank Cownie (D) said he “absolutely” was.

“Absolutely I’m worried about the spread. We don’t want a super-spread event here in Des Moines,” Cownie told the newspaper. “We urge everyone who would attend this event to wear a mask and social distance as best they can, and to stay safe and healthy.”

“We all have to do everything we can do to keep our numbers down,” he continued. “It’s proven, it’s scientific facts.” –TheHill

The short answer: if it’s Trump, it’s bad.

Let’s contrast that to the scene in LA, where a championship series came to an end.

Here’s an interesting comment to put things in perspective…

So, is this a ‘super-spreader’ event? Will Gavin Newsom have some angry words for Californians?

Or will such words and tactics be reserved for people the press REALLY hates — like the current President and his administration?