Dear Christian: You Were Called To Be Wild, Not Mild

Written by Doug Giles on October 30, 2020

Ready for a take on Elijah that you’d NEVER get in Sunday School or one of those pastel-painted churches?

You’ve heard the phrase ‘comfortable in his masculinity’ before… when what they usually mean is comfortable with being a gelded lemming.

The badass hombre we’re meeting in scripture today is different. He’s comfortable with being an actual MAN.

Which means he was comfortable coming face-to-face with God in the untamed wilderness.

Which went a long way to shaping this tornadic prophet into the force of nature (and Nature’s God) that tore a swath through a self-satisfied and sinful civilization that thought it was getting along pretty well without Him, thank-you very much.

If we want to tap into the same kind of supernatural authority that our biblical heroes tapped into, we will have to hit up the same source that THEY did.

Spoiler alert: It WASN’T Facebook, Netflix, or the mall.

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