DRAIN THE SWAMP: Trump Announces MASSIVE Declassification Of All SPYGATE Documents

Written by Wes Walker on October 7, 2020

For almost four years, the answers we have been demanding have been stonewalled, slow-walked, or redacted to the point of uselessness. But no longer.

Anyone who has watched the General Flynn case can see clearly what’s going on. Little by little, documents that (by law!) should have been provided to the defense from the beginning keep ‘turning up’ in one document dump after another.

Isn’t it interesting how the things that have been buried all this time just ‘happen’ to be exactly the kind of information that will exonerate the accused, and incriminate high-level government officials?

This is exactly the sort of corrupt government action the Constitution was designed to protect the citizens from.

More than anything, these clods have relied on the darkness and cover of secrecy to conceal their conspiracy.

Until now.

The President is flipping that light switch ‘on’, and the cockroaches are scattering for cover.

What prompted such a sweeping response?

Well, this may be a clue:

Seems a little ‘news-y’ doesn’t it?

How is it possible that the ‘scandal-free’ and ‘no-drama Obama’ is neck-deep in a conspiracy that makes Watergate look like cheating on a spelling test, but the news media doesn’t think it’s a story?

Well, the simple explanation is that there is a conspiracy of silence about anything damaging to the Democrats. (See also: Tara Reade) They are in the tank for the Democrats and actively pushing a political agenda.

Trump has a catch-phrase to precisely capture that dynamic.

Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Anyone potentially involved — including Obama himself — may want to rethink any international travel plans.

For all the ‘gotcha’ attempts by the Left looking to implicate and imprison Trump, there sure is a lack of curiosity about what’s going on here.

Which says a lot about our Press.


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