Stimulus Package 2: Trump Calls Pelosi’s Bluff — Shuts Down Negotiations, Makes Final Offer

Written by Wes Walker on October 7, 2020

It’s put up or shut up time — Pelosi has been playing games on this for months now.

The same woman who came back early from a break to showboat over mail-in ballots (A real ‘winning issue; you backed there, Nancy. Good going.) has not shown the same eagerness in making sure that Americans stuck in limbo during the Coronavirus shutdowns get the help they need.

She’s been far more interested in what pork she can attach to the bill.

And every time the Republicans balk at her Trillion-dollar figures, guess whose fault she says it is? Exactly.

Trump isn’t playing her game any longer.

It’s time to put up or shut up.

Nancy, of course, is outraged. Because, just like some people have ‘resting b*tch face’, outraged is now her default state.

She started in on him in all the usual ways. But POTUS played the Trump card.

If she’s willing to stop filling the bill full of Democrat pork, it will go through.

Who does she love more? The American taxpayer, or her various pork projects?

We saw that last time that Media Matters found their way up to the trough, to the tune of Million$. Not to mention Planned Parenthood.

Media Matters Took Millions in COVID Aid While Criticizing Trump Virus Response

Those are not the sorts of people who need taxpayer-funded bailouts.

Hey Pelosi, come back with a skinny bill, or admit you’ve just been playing bare-fisted political games all along.

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