Famous Christian Tells His Followers Trump Is As Bad As Biden

Written by Doug Giles on October 29, 2020

Being a famous preacher doesn’t exempt you from the ‘shut up and sing’ principle. Too bad nobody told that to this guy.

John Piper was held up for years as one of the solid defenders and expositors of the Word of God. He was an inspiration probably to millions.

That doesn’t make the man infallible. Preachers can have an opinion on politics, like anybody else. But if you haven’t a sweet clue what you’re talking about, shutting up is still the better option.

It’s an option John Piper should have taken instead of joining the ‘woke’ crowd in dumping on Trump over some pretty petty issues that pale in comparison to the individual failings of great men (and women) we see listed in Hebrews eleven’s ‘faith chapter’.

Sit down, John.

Class is in session.

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