YUGE Third Quarter GDP Growth Beats Expectations — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on October 29, 2020

Trump promised to Make America Great Again … Again.
This is a YUGE step in the right direction.

The numbers didn’t come out until this morning, but Trump has been hinting at some really big growth numbers.

Those claims were NOT an exaggeration.

The predicted numbers for GDP growth were 31%. The actual numbers beat that by another 2%, coming in at 33.1% growth.

It should go without saying that this growth is a new record for the fastest growth in American history. It tells us that despite the artificial shutdown thrust upon us by the virus, the economy’s underlying fundamentals are still very strong, and just waiting to be unleashed.

Keep in mind, as great as these numbers are, they would have been even stronger if some States and parts of the economy weren’t still effectively on lockdown.

The jobless claims were great too and bode well for the next quarter’s economic news.

It beat expectations AND it bodes well for next quarter?

It’s almost as though Trump’s economy is a lot more resilient than the one Joe and Barack presided over. Huh, imagine that.

Even CNN was forced to admit the good news.

Charles Payne said the broad numbers don’t even tell the full scope of the good news we’re looking at.

  • Durable goods are up 45%
  • Non-durable goods are up 82%
  • Domestic investing up 83%
  • Homes 59%

Morning Joe seemed to be choking on his words as he acknowledged just how big a victory this record growth might be for Trump.

When we said YUGE, we weren’t kidding.

What was it Trump promised, especially with the economy?

He promised WINNING.

And he’s delivering on that promise.