Guiliani Rips Joe Biden A New One: What Kind Of Dad Does This To His Troubled Son?

Written by Wes Walker on October 31, 2020

Joe Biden has a lot to say about the ‘soul of the nation’. He likes to dunk on Trump as though Trump were a lesser man. As it happens, Rudy explains why Joe isn’t even a respectable FATHER.

What decent father uses his children for political gain?

Donald Trump has raised a number of children, through a couple of marriages.

All the evidence we have points to a warm relationship to some well-adjusted and capable children. We covered that: If Trump Is So Awful, Why Are His Kids So Awesome?

Rudy took some time in his podcast (as he has been doing in at least some of his recent podcasts) to explain what we know so far in the Biden corruption case.

Rudy produces documents and dates, names names, and shows how the various players fit together, if you’re interested in watching from the beginning.

Near the end of his last episode, while he is showing us what kind of shady characters he’s mixed up with, including one guy who turned up at the bottom of a River in China, and another who was the nephew of Whitey Bulger (of crime family fame), makes some excellent points about the kind of person JOE must be.

We have this clip cued up to just before Rudy starts making those points, so you can get the context in which they are being made.

Joe could have picked anyone at all to be his financial bagman. There must be any number of opportunistic lowlives lingering around DC ready to snap up exactly that sort of opportunity.

Joe Biden has several other relatives he can (and has) counted on to be Joe’s proxy in these various deals. But he picks Hunter.


Joe obviously knows his son is struggling with addiction.

Why would any father with an ounce of compassion, or interest in his son’s ultimate wellbeing even consider putting his kid in such a high-risk, high-pressure situation with powerful and amoral figures?

It’s setting his own son up for failure. And for what, a couple of million bucks?

I would be shocked if any of our regular readers would sell their own kid down the river, even for a seven-figure bank account.

Hell, most of us would know better than to sell our COUNTRY down the river for a seven-figure bank account.

It seems like turning his back on his country AND his kid was a price worth paying.

For a few million dollars.

And Joe DARES to lecture US about the ‘soul of the nation’?

Joe sold his own out before this writer was even old enough to have noticed that girls are pretty… and I can remember the Cold War.

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