Hey CNN: Proud Boys And BLM Hold Joint Conference Denouncing White Supremacy — Is That News?

Written by Wes Walker on October 2, 2020

Even many of us who follow these stories for a living had pretty much forgotten about the Proud Boys until Joe Biden invoked their name in the last debate.

Joe meant it with all of the political malice we’re well accustomed to seeing Joe’s political jabs loaded with.

He was trying to push his debunked story about Trump refusing to denounce white supremacists… something that many of our readers must be getting tired of seeing debunked by now.

And yet he keeps peddling that lie. Because the truth is not in him.

The implicit assumption is that Proud Boys is racist, and if they can be connected to Trump, HE is racist by implication. This cynical strategy — if effective — will stop Trump from cutting into their most critical voting block of minority voters. The strong showing Trump got among the Spanish-speaing viewers of the debate reminds us all just how critical this narrative is to them.

Would a ‘white supremacist’ group do this?

Local leaders of the right-wing group Proud Boys in Salt Lake City held a joint news conference with a local Black Lives Matter leader on Wednesday to correct the record and “denounce White supremacy” after President Trump mentioned them during Tuesday’s first presidential debate.

“I will go out and say that the Proud Boys as a whole — I will say this on behalf of the entire national organization — denounce White supremacy,” the chief of the Proud Boys Salt Lake Utah Chapter, who only gave the name Thad, told reporters, FOX13 reported.

“We are in no way, shape or form White supremacists,” Thad said. “We have a vetting system that gets those people out of our hair. We do not have anything to do with White supremacy. We do not have anything to do with the Ku Klux Klan. We denounce those organizations.” —WashingtonTimes


But we all saw what the press did with Nick Sandmann, and with the Patriot Prayer group, which, though started literally as a prayer group led by a half-Japanese man and his large Samoan buddy were both tagged as ‘racist’.

Media types are still paying a price for the Sandmann slur.