MEME OF THE DAY: Can Joe Come Out And Debate?

Written by Wes Walker on October 2, 2020

Yet another day went by and Joe put a lid on his activities.

Hillary had more ‘get up and go’ than this guy… and she basically took September off to go fundraising. (Except for that memorable moment of being lobbed into the back of a truck like a side of beef.)

Biden, on the other hand, has less of an excuse than even Hillary did to hide in his basement while the campaign days tick down toward zero.

He’s hoping NOT to face any hard questions or make any gaffes that would ruin him.

But he can’t hide forever, can he? We’re all waiting to hear what policy positions he has that he thinks the public should trust him with.

Like the question he ducked about whether he would stack the courts.

(spoiler alert: he will stack the courts. But fundamentally changing the balance of the tree branches of government is not a good look for someone pretending to stand as a Defender of Democracy, or the keeper of the soul of the nation.)

Can Joe take a break from hiding out and actually tell the American Public what horrors he’s planning to shove down our throats once he’s been elected?

(There’s probably a Clinton joke in there somewhere.)

Since Joe won’t respond to simple reason, we’ll send the message in one more familiar to him. Open mockery and contempt.

We were already wondering, ‘where’s Hunter’. But now they’re Hidin’ Biden, too.

How can he hope to have a ‘transparent’ Presidency if he isn’t even willing to tell us whether or not he supports such Republic-redefining actions as stacking the courts or killing the filibuster? The filibuster was inserted as a check and balance against the raw majoritarian displays of power that Schumer is already licking his chops, eager to take his shot wielding unopposed power.