HEY PATRIOTS: New Leftist Ploy In Seattle Is About To Undercut Rule Of Law Even Further

Written by Wes Walker on October 28, 2020

In case CHAZ/CHOP and the ongoing protests weren’t enough to show you how far gone Seattle is becoming, Seattle is unleashing yet another fresh hell on law-abiding citizens.

Their city council is now codifying a legal defense that could leave average citizens at the mercy of criminals who face no deterrent for lawbreaking.

The Seattle City Council is considering new legislation that would create a legal loophole that would make substance addiction, mental illness or poverty a valid legal defense for nearly all misdemeanor crimes committed in the city.

The council’s consideration of the plan has occurred with virtually no public discussion about the proposal, which has been included in the municipal budgeting process. The council has not, so far, conducted a standalone meeting to discuss the idea.

Scott Lindsay, the former public safety advisor for the city, said Seattle would be in a class of its own if it ultimately enacted the ordinance.

“I’m not aware of any legislation like this anywhere in the United States (or) even globally,” he said Monday. “All cities have criminal codes to protect their citizens from criminal acts. This would essentially create a legal loophole that swallows all those codes and creates a green light for crime.” –KomoNews

Who qualifies for such lenient sentencing?

If approved, the ordinance would excuse and dismiss — essentially legalizing — almost all misdemeanor crimes committed in Seattle by offenders who could show either:

-Symptoms of addiction without being required to provide a medical diagnosis;
-Symptoms of a mental disorder; or
-Poverty and the crime was committed to meet an “immediate and basic need.” For example, if a defendant argued they stole merchandise to sell for cash in order to purchase food, clothes or was trying to scrape together enough money for rent. The accused could not be convicted.

“If you don’t feel very protected right now, this would wipe out almost all remaining protections that we have,” Lindsay said. –KomoNews

Sounds like a get out of jail free card to this writer.

But wait, there’s more!

“This would absolutely open the floodgates for crime in Seattle, even worse than what we often currently struggle with,” Lindsay said. “It’s basically a blank check for anybody committing theft, assault, harassment (and) trespass to continue without disruption from our criminal justice system.”-KomoNews

Imagine calling the cops after getting robbed, only to find out that the guy who did it doesn’t face charges because he’s broke, stoned, drunk, or has a mental illness. (And how much do you want to bet that the term mental illness is weeks away from taking a drastically broader definition.)

Unless these hapless officials start seeing people they care about getting the short end of this stick, they’re going to keep passing ‘woke’ laws without any serious thought as to what consequences they will have to the average person.

Worse still is the possibility that they know exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it intentionally to be subversive.

Who you elect — even locally — matters a lot more than we sometimes think.

Taking back the country isn’t just a question of the courts and Congress. It’s about issues like this one.

Waiting around for someone else to run for office, or fight the issues is a losing strategy.

Some of our readers will be, to borrow a weathered phrase, the change they want to see in the world.