Hidin’ Biden: Quid Pro Joe Ducks For Cover, Uses ‘Debate Prep’ As His Convenient Dodge

Written by Wes Walker on October 19, 2020

Joe Biden, who has not disputed the authenticity of the New York’s Post damning data trove, won’t be speaking to any more reporters until after the debate. How convenient.

The joke was ‘Where’s Hunter’. But now the guy who wants to replace 45 as President is harder to find than ‘Where’s Waldo’.

Could it be that they are waiting for their agents in the press (and in Silicon Valley) to do a few days of damage control to get ahead of the dangerous National Security implications of Joe Biden having potentially been on the take from several corrupt world governments, including China, Ukraine and … irony of ironies … Russia?

Corroborating emails from a guy serving time in prison are doing nothing to help Biden’s case.

But rest assured, by the time the dust has settled, his friends in the press will find a way to brush this all under the rug (they’re currently trying to resurrect the ‘but Russia’ angle despite evidence that the LAST Russia hoax was Hillary’s way of dodging accountability for HER incriminating emails) and point the finger of blame at Trump instead.

We can probably expect some anonymous source ‘close to the President’ to claim that the current President is somehow a ‘security risk’. Because they play this game of projection, blaming others for thier own faults, this is the most likely play.

But this is what we are hearing from team Biden now.

“He is mostly about debate prep. He will not be seen again until Thursday night in Nashville at that next debate.”

We don’t believe you.

This looks like a political calculation.

You believe you stand more to lose by having an honest reporter sneak in a question that ISN’T pre-scripted than you do by staying at home and letting the press and your surrogates go to bat for you.

Unless of course whatever ELSE coming out of that information turns up the heat so much that you CAN’T let it go unanswered. Maria B’s question about the FBI kiddy porn investigator asking to look at Hunter’s hard drive, for instance.

THAT could get awkward in a hurry. Especially since there were already rumors about sex trafficking floating around.

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