If Biden Is Such A ‘Shoe-In’, Why Are The Trump Crowds So YUGE In This Blue State?

Written by Wes Walker on October 19, 2020

Some states are so far gone that no Republican should even bother trying… right? Not so fast. If the warm reception POTUS got in this Big-time Blue State is any indicator, there may still be some strong pockets of support.

This is footage of the Presidential motorcade — taken by someone riding with it — showing how crowds are packed in on both sides of the street on the path the President was expected to take as was leaving Newport Beach California.

We’re talking California, folks!

The place where Governor Gavin has the Sheeple scared to set foot beyond their door without a mask.

They’re packed in tight like they’re there to see a parade!

That seems to be a lot of energy there.

Not that we’re saying voters can take our foot off the gas. Quite the opposite.

Let’s mash our foot to the floor and get all the momentum we can get.


And bring someone with you.

Turnout is going to matter for the local elections. Let’s do what we can to cancel that urban ‘popular vote’ advantage and take that political talking point out of their arsenal.

And every vote matters, especially when we’re hearing stories about tons of live ballots that have no business being still in the system, or people getting ballots for their dead relatives etcetera.